Monday, February 25, 2013

We Fly High, No Lie, You Know It

 photo DSCN1665_zps2c4fac99.jpg
Long-sleeve: Old Navy [$4]
Pants: Old Navy [$6]
Boots: Kohls [$5]
Scarf: UO [a gift]

Carefree and makeup-less weekends are lovely. My apologies for this short post, I feel sick and drowsy and it's now officially tea time. Working with sniffly-nosed kiddies every week definitely has its downfalls, but ya gotta love the little munchkins! 
 photo 2f2021e1-2a1e-489b-81f3-94fa1258dc5c_zps2e804654.jpg  photo effe04bc-3818-47e2-b594-afefaa254b37_zpsf7238e10.jpg  photo DSCN1668_zps6509ab58.jpg
Meet my fearless photographers. This is about as self-explanatory as it gets. To ze left, Maddie Whitlock; to ze right, Mary Pham. Cool kids in midair combat stances, the usual.  photo 52839fab-44a5-48a8-b77e-8c65cf08aede_zpsc94506f5.jpg

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