Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twenty Fourteen

 photo 43f94372-6327-4b83-b696-85a3b4c8dac1_zps11c6a327.jpg
Dress: Banana Republic [last year's clothing exchange]
Golden tights: tights sample sale [$1]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]
Headband: Urban Outfitters [$2.50]


Happy New Year, folks! Outfit first. This tunic/dress is probably one of the comfiest and softest garments in my arsenal. Thanks to my friend who is the same size as me and always feels the need to purge her closet (thank you Kelly!), some of my most-worn articles of clothing are from her. I wore this on Christmas Eve and added the headband and golden tights to glam it up a bit. I returned to the tights sample sale twice in order to find a loose pair of these bad boys and definitely did a happy dance when my efforts were triumphant. Oh, and these photos were taken up at a lighthouse in San Diego. More scenic pictures to follow! Probably.

Because it's a new year and reflection is usually called for, I shall summarize. 2013 was a trip. It was a roller coaster of events and emotions, from the happiest of times to the downright dismal. Honestly, it's probably the most trying year that I've experienced, both spiritually and emotionally. Especially these last couple months and most specifically these last two weeks, even now. A long relationship is no more, Mary's been away traveling the world, and there's been a lot of sickness in the family. But despite it all, I'm so so incredibly thankful and feel blessed for getting to experience life and growing up and all that adult stuff.  2014 will likely be a doozy and it's already starting up that way, but thank God for new beginnings. Cool, that's enough from me. Have a wonderful new year, friends! 

Over and out.

 photo IMG_2259_zpsa05439d5.jpg  photo 52c20d1d-1f4c-4902-ab75-a3b8a0ab72a6_zpsff729478.jpg  photo IMG_2262_zpsb29a1a1b.jpg  photo IMG_2276_zps0a4f725f.jpg  photo IMG_2278_zps51d5787c.jpg  photo IMG_2273_zpsf7d2ce7b.jpg  photo IMG_2275_zpsc6940258.jpg  photo IMG_2274_zpseb746d1c.jpg  photo IMG_2267_zps3d0ab412.jpg
Photos by the faithful little sister, Daisy

Friday, December 27, 2013


 photo IMG_2120_zps130b0cf2.jpg
Shirt: Gap [$5]
Pants: Calvin Klein at Costco [from my mama]
Sneakers: Pro-Keds at Costco [also from my mama]
Headband: F21 [50 cents]
Nail polish: Assortment of hues from Urban Outfitters, all borrowed from Dais [50 cents]

Oh sweet sweet California. The warm weather has been a God-send; I've loved every second of it. These pictures were taken three days ago and the temperature was a balmy 80 degrees. Beautiful. 

It is to be admitted that the majority of this here outfit was acquired from the bountiful land known as Costco. Thanks especially to my mom. It is also to be admitted that these pants are definitely leggings, but let me tell you right now that they were one of the best decisions ever.

Coming home has been really different this year. Yet regardless of changes, California will always be my happy place. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with people and laughter and sugar-rushed children! My new baby cousin was born this afternoon and a celebration is in order! Have a great great day. photo 51442339-85df-4ccf-8f63-0190cf721292_zps1a89217c.jpg  photo IMG_2113_zps87386b72.jpg  photo 64c3b661-6d35-426e-9414-0c147faeb1b0_zps754af41e.jpg  photo IMG_2107_zpsab345c89.jpg  photo b060e554-c1e7-4b6c-b3cf-3e61c2adc1ea_zpsf212487a.jpg  photo 3f965752-22a5-43e7-9261-ca11d4572f8a_zps55d5bab9.jpg  photo deeb59b3-0d88-4ed6-af98-9ef6d78244cd_zps3f4338de.jpg  photo IMG_2127_zps3e35b181.jpg  photo IMG_2144_zps85b456ca.jpg  photo IMG_2136_zps07340084.jpg  photo IMG_2138_zps61075d0c.jpg  photo 9160993a-7967-4b0c-8871-30d574342c3d_zpsf4ad500e.jpg  photo d95d618e-09a0-466c-a5cd-702c7c98e27e_zps3ab58c60.jpg  photo 30b4d280-c77a-4c93-ae87-7bcf27efa435_zps713144d5.jpg
Photos are by the little sister

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time

Merry Christmas! Remember to hug the ones you love and celebrate with family and friends. Time to watch A Christmas Story and eat cookies for breakfast!

Have a lovely day!
 photo 3f8d0fdf-7feb-46ee-9037-8abedf0578f1_zps58cdfe98.jpg  photo IMG_5945_zps459755d0.jpg  photo IMG_5984_zpscf231f9c.jpg

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Colors

 photo IMG_5941_zps904eadc0.jpg
Sweater: F21 [$6]
Skirt: H&M [a hand-me-down from Jo]
Tights: $1 [tights sample sale]
Knee-hi socks: from Elise
Boots: Costco [a gift from my mom]

Christmas colors in the city! The best thing about December in New York is the abundance of Christmas decorations everywhere. So what better way to celebrate than to embrace the holiday spirit and walk around in red and green myself? To not make the outfit look costume-y or elf-like, I paired darker red and green hues together and completed the look with black tights and boots--the ultimate combo. 

Elise and I traversed the pedestrian bridge the other week and entered into the community garden across the way. Unfortunately everything was dead or dying a slow and frozen death, but it was still fun to be in the midst of some greenery. Of course the highway was also 100 feet away, but that's a minor detail! 

I'll be back in California by tomorrow night and I can already feel the warmth and rest that is imminent. But until now, it's still late nights studying at the library with too much coffee and not enough real food. Enjoy the photos!
 photo IMG_5937_zps574929fa.jpg  photo 743689d6-452b-40f6-b88e-b7eeb85cdad9_zps50b59165.jpg  photo IMG_5964_zpsbca7708b.jpg  photo IMG_5973_zps7203dead.jpg  photo IMG_5972_zpse19ab4be.jpg  photo IMG_5968_zps554280b4.jpg  photo IMG_5953_zpsf315a7e0.jpg  photo IMG_5959_zpsd3be9ddb.jpg
The photography is beautiful thanks to Elise Inman. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pedestrian Bridging

Part one of last week's photoshoot with the ever talented Elise. This pedestrian bridge connecting the Financial District to Battery Park is one of my favorites. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, no? Outfit details to come in the following post! Have a lovely week.

 photo IMG_5933_zpsb9081ccb.jpg
 photo IMG_5932_zps4cb2fa11.jpg
 photo IMG_5929_zpsf00b7847.jpg
Pictures by Elise Inman

Monday, December 2, 2013

"OMG, your shoes"

 photo 74001598-b3d8-4bf3-985d-80f958f5be42_zps13919218.jpg

I followed Daisy into Zara with a scowl. Tired, hungry, and assuming that no small purchase could be made, I dragged my feet against the polished concrete and past the beautiful clothes. But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? I saw these bad boys in the hands of another shopper and stared. The thousand-dollar Chloe originals would never be mine, but I'm all for a Zara semi-original. Lurking behind racks and pretending to be interested in a pair of blue boots, I stalked her as she walked over to a mirror and tried them on. She shook her head, took them off, and walked five steps before I scurried over and snatched them up. Oh sweet day! Not only were they the perfect size 8; they were $20. Last pair in the store. I tried them on, did a little jig, made Dais green with envy, and proudly marched up to the register to claim my prize.

Sorry, I felt like these boots deserved a little story. Although variations of the boots have been ubiquitous throughout the blogosphere (or whatever folks call it), I still think they're awesome. I usually pair them with black jeans and a black top if I want to make them the focus or something colorful...because why not?