Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sneaky Peaks

 photo 51e3194c-b806-42e2-abfc-c01e96e5f20d_zps7c393263.jpg  photo 4c27fedd-7c98-4f8b-9fe4-ef5199ec5dfa_zps79264b7c.jpg  photo 745626a9-c109-4148-b5f4-e5901b65a263_zpsa2e1b954.jpg
Photos by Jerica Reddig

A sneak peak of photos from last week's dance. Because my school is cheesy and actually has dances in college. But I cannot complain; I'm all for opportunities to dress up all fancy-like. More photos soon!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Inside Out Underneath

 photo DSCN3257_zpscdf56093.jpg
Dress: Old Navy [$3]
Cardigan (underneath): Urban Outfitters [a gift]
Tights: sample sale [$2]
Boots: Costco [a gift]

Sorry for the absence of activity on this here blog lately, I've been writing papers and planning a large dinner of sorts. But here's some pictures nonetheless! I haven't taken photos lately because I've been sick and sluggish, but that'll change shortly! I apologize for the slightly terrifying face in the photo below too. Scary. I shall reiterate and say once more that a figure skater silhouette dress is the most flattering cut for any body type. Seriously, it's universally awesome for everyone. This one's great because it's a thicker knit fabric and lends a bit of heaviness to hold its shape. And because I think cardigans on top of dresses oftentimes take away from the outfit and aren't too flattering, I put my cardigan underneath my dress. Crazy stuff, huh?  photo DSCN3251_zps407f5a77.jpg  photo DSCN3253_zpsedbdb3cd.jpg

Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's Just Pretend Like It's Summer

 photo DSCN3239_zpsebf7fcfc.jpg
Romper: I don't know the brand! [clothing exchange]
Button-up: Old Navy [$5]
Flats: Urban Outfitters [$10]

Sorry for the lateness of posts, I've been busy getting a lot of school things wrapped up. Two weeks. God help us all. Let's do this thing! Oh yeah, I suppose I should talk about my clothes or something real fast, but honestly, all I want to do now is sleep. So sleep I shall! Have a lovely weekend y'all.  photo 60b78760-1030-4997-8b5b-2d3ac10f965c_zpsf3f1db71.jpg  photo DSCN3245_zpsf7ff4c32.jpg

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Suit Minus Tie

 photo DSCN3217_zps0e47d2cf.jpg
Blazer: Urban Outfitters [a Christmas gift from a few years ago]
Tank: F21 [$3]
Trousers: Urban Outfitters [clothing exchange]
Boots: Urban Outfitters [$20]
Bracelet: F21 [$3]

I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that I wore a very business-like outfit to school this day solely because I hadn't done laundry in forever and all my normal clothes were dirty. These trousers that I got from Kelly were awesomely comfy and silky and fantastic for a full day of classes and sitting cross-legged eating tacos. Hooray for clothing exchanges and fitting other people's attire! I added the touch of color with the bracelet and watch and wore a cami to break up the masculinity of the suit. Although next time I may just wear it with a fully button up shirt and bun, we'll just have to see til then! photo 91496a6e-0b01-4d41-a105-3cc2337c28c7_zps34bceeec.jpg  photo b30c8a7c-81ea-47c1-ad2a-d41078d87ec1_zps47233c01.jpg  photo DSCN3227_zps02df94aa.jpg  photo DSCN3229_zps805b2459.jpg  photo DSCN3230_zps44ccf757.jpg

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mermaid Scales Bracelet

 photo DSCN3203_zpsd9d747a9.jpg
Blouse: Urban Outfitters [clothing exchange]
Pants: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Boots: Costco [a gift]
Bracelet: F21 [$2]

You know how sometimes you have those days where you want to wear shiny things and look slightly pirate-like? Or this could well just be me. Probably. But this ensemble was fun because it was a windy day and my shirt was billowing everywhere but the tight pants balanced everything out. Proportions are what really make an outfit sometimes! It's time to eat Milanos and work on homework til a delicious dinner at my advisor's home in the Upper West Side, which will probably include bacon and chocolate somewhere in the meal. Whoohoo! 
 photo 67b4d6e4-b41f-4c7e-a976-d985a312f02a_zps16591897.jpg  photo DSCN3202_zpsb227377f.jpg
Photography by Marrrrrryyyy. Pham. Yup.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Denim to the Second Power

 photo DSCN3187_zpsc66eee34.jpg
Button-up: Target [$5]
Jeans: Gap [clothing exchange]
Boots: Kohls [$5]
Shades: F21 [$4]

Denim weekends are the best. I'm not the biggest jean person because they're not as comfortable to sit cross-legged in, but these pants in their worn-in goodness, are slowly changing my mind. They passed the Sunday School test of comfortability and ease of access with flying colors, and may now be a Sunday staple. I've had these boots since senior year of high school, and they're currently at the stage of softness that is most comparable to slipper-socks. Except now even the soles are falling off, but I won't give them up! Never! I have a hard time letting go of shoes I love. Ask me about my striped Keds if you want further proof. Or my gold flats. Man oh man, those were some good shoes. Okay, time to get ready for a night of dancing and impending weekend of recluse! Have a great weekend! photo 4b109017-a159-466e-81e6-d49a717556f5_zps8ec9e85e.jpg  photo 83dd35a8-ba24-47d4-b9a6-3c5dc1e83dd3_zps14d08c7e.jpg  photo DSCN3193_zpsb8c226ed.jpg

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sneaky Peaks

 photo DSCN3175_zps98356e99.jpgA sneak peak of tomorrow's post! Actually, it's not sneaky at all because you can almost see everything I'm wearing, but we'll just keep it at that for the time being. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sometimes You Just Gotta

 photo 35040e91-6b6d-4f98-8503-d6ab2f9ad43f_zpsdc6a6007.jpg
Tunic: F21 via Salvation Army [$3]
Dress: Old Navy [$3]
Rainboots: Amazon [$30]

Sometimes you just have to be okay with what you've thrown on, and get your butt out the door. This outfit started with the red dress underneath, and after having only 3 minutes to get everything packed up and run out in time for the train, this tunic was the first thing I could reach. I guess the tunic and dress do correspond in an eccentric grandma sort of way, but I probably won't be re-wearing the combo anytime soon. But then again...who knows! Have a lovely Wednesday!
 photo DSCN3165_zpsb4f044e9.jpg  photo 241715ea-1922-4d0e-8959-1a716b602158_zps30dc2c7d.jpg  photo DSCN3158_zps6fb614e0.jpg

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pale Pink Panther

 photo DSCN3124_zps93271409.jpg
Shirt: H&M [from clothing exchange]
Jeans: BDG Urban Outfitters [from clothing exchange]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]

Whoohoo, clothing exchange duds! Excuse my hair. It looks like a disheveled scrunchie exploded on the back of my head. The back of yo head is ridiculous. Yes. Indeed it is. The disconnect between my layers is starting to drive me a bit crazy, so I think I'll probably chop my hair all off again in the summer once I'm home. The boy won't be too happy, but he'll get over it soon enough! I bought a Prabal Gurung t-shirt dress at Target this weekend that I've been eyeballing for weeks. It was on sale too, hooray! Still kinda expensive for me (Mary rolled her eyes when I was going through the pro/cons of shelling out $10.48 for it), but I shall wear it a lot in the summer and dazzle/burn peoples' retinas with the fantastical kaleidoscope-on-steroids print! Oh how I love prints. And colors. And sales. Definitely sales.  photo 4037d070-e299-472d-977e-bf88fdc9ff20_zps6a988333.jpg  photo DSCN3125_zpsfed9db2c.jpg  photo DSCN3130_zps5597b660.jpg  photo DSCN3132_zps3b73b946.jpg

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's a Sunshine Day

 photo DSCN3111_zps66625c5a.jpg
Blouse: uhh, some kid of brand [via clothing exchange]
Jeans: Urban Outfitters [via clothing exchange]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]

I realize now that I should have tucked in my shirt or done something to make this less frumpy, but oh well. The weather was beautiful earlier this week. GLORIOUS! I sat on the roof for a couple hours and just soaked in the sun. Summer is so so close. But anyhow, we had a clothing exchange at Clark St. and swapped out some old clothes for new digs. I've never participated in a clothing exchange before, but it was fantastic. More closet space, free clothes, then less closet space-a vicious cycle I'm willing to participate in! Enjoy the weekend! photo DSCN3118_zps2fd30dc7.jpg  photo DSCN3116_zpsb721a1a9.jpg  photo DSCN3123_zps14c98d1f.jpg  photo 75522b6d-a8c7-49e9-8b9a-557ec5f57472_zps37e91f3a.jpg

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surf n Turf Shirt

 photo DSCN3105_zps2135142a.jpg
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters [$2.50]
Cardigan: F21 w/ Thatcher patch [$20]
Blazer: Urban Outfitters [gift from Daisy]
Jeans: F21 [$10]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]

Another casual outfit! It's funny, the more I live in New York, the less casual my casual clothes become. But anyhow, I've had these gray jeans for years now, since freshman year of high school, but I've only recently started wearing them regularly. This shirt's also been hiding in my closet for most of the year. Partly because it had been too dismal out to wear it without thinking of the beach, and partly because I may or may not have forgotten it existed. On one more tangent: My sister is graduating college in one month from today. ONE MONTH. HOLY COW. But I digress. photo DSCN3103_zps086038a0.jpg  photo 030f1352-8e64-4ba0-9158-14c589071c69_zps55dfad9a.jpg  photo DSCN3109_zps3d9d3aac.jpg
Photos by Mary Phammmm

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tis Almost Tulip Time

 photo DSCN3072_zps218d7511.jpg
Jacket: Urban Outfitters via Buffalo Exchange [a gift from the Dais]
Sweater: F21 [$4]
Dress: F21 [$12]
Backpack: Urban Outfitters [another gift from the Dais]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]
Sunnies: Armani [a gift from my mom]

Walking through Brooklyn Heights on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with some cool folks was fantastic. The theme for today was ultimate comfort, so out came the dress+tights combo! Seriously, so so so much better than pants. We went to the Cloisters up at the tip of Manhattan and it was beautiful, even with the trees still naked. I'm must go again come fall, I hear it's breath-taking. We took the scenic route walking home through Brooklyn, and passed by this old church next to the fruit streets. The tulips were a'bloomin, so it was necessary to go in. Springtime is so wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. 
 photo DSCN3071_zps3d9b5494.jpg  photo DSCN3074_zpsbe362237.jpg  photo 61025bf6-5780-419d-a930-24cd1d77041f_zps0074ded6.jpg  photo DSCN3091_zpsf60e0d88.jpg  photo DSCN3093_zps694ad4bd.jpg

Photos thanks to Maddie Whitlock!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Mixing

 photo DSCN3038_zpsb4a21e04.jpg
Shirt: Merona Target [$5]
Pants: H&M [$7]
Socks: from Alaska [a souvenir from my parents]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]

Lots of pictures for you today! Mixing patterns is one of my favorites. The graph paper shirt and pinkish pants don't seem like they would go together, but I like the combo anyway! It's light enough to get away with, but interesting enough to make you take a second look at the patterns. And then the boots, of course. With ankle boots, I like breaking up the line by cuffing the pants right above the top of the boots, or adding some sort of exposed sock. And also exposing the waistband of the pants somehow, most easily done with swipe of shirt-tucking. I think this makes me look taller and my legs look longer. At a very average 5'4, I'll take the tricks I can get. photo DSCN3041_zpsf9c0a6c7.jpg  photo DSCN3043_zpsa71602e2.jpg  photo DSCN3047_zps07996bb0.jpg  photo 96964a66-3dc8-477e-a417-782764fb813c_zpsd11e91d3.jpg  photo f2b18951-8eed-49ea-9f55-39d1eaeae506_zps621a88d8.jpg  photo DSCN3056_zpsa7ef2c95.jpg  photo b6169cfc-a8a4-4908-8ba1-db681d876495_zps52647a73.jpg