Sunday, February 10, 2013

Post-Snow/Brooklyn is Awesome/Oh Mr. Sunshine

Brooklyn Heights is one of those places that's almost too good to be true. It's honestly got everything. One train stop away from Manhattan, trees, the incredible Brooklyn Bridge Park, freaking fantastic bagels, a Target AND a Costco nearby, and it's next to everything. The fact that the promenade is steps away from the front door is incredible too, and I take it for granted so often it's disgusting. I'm so blessed to be living here, and it's days like this where I just marvel at the pleasantness of New York. Even with all the yellow snow spots on the ground.  photo c20f4160-a824-4995-97c4-bfd459616b2e_zps4e251110.jpg  photo c5086acc-86e2-4ed1-8462-7326e9255592_zps3126d1c4.jpg  photo DSCN1470_zps077b2607.jpg

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