Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sequin Vest

 photo IMG_4183_zpsb3e0b85c.jpg
Vest: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Long Sleeve: F21 [$4]
Pants: Uniqlo [$10]
Boots: Zara [$20]

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Some things I'm thankful for are: Wifi in Nepal so I can facetime Mary, having Dais over for the week and spending the day with friends, for Costco for providing my entire Thanksgiving Day spread, and for having such loving family and friends. I'll talk about my outfit in the next post. There's no need for that now. Have a great day and don't forget to tell people that you love them!
 photo IMG_4206_zpseac2d938.jpg  photo 74001598-b3d8-4bf3-985d-80f958f5be42_zps13919218.jpg  photo IMG_4196_zpsac9983bb.jpg  photo IMG_4189_zps748d8310.jpg  photo IMG_4192_zpse976114c.jpg  photo IMG_4199_zpsdd676ecb.jpg  photo IMG_4194_zps904e84fc.jpg  photo IMG_4200_zps11c42023.jpg  photo IMG_4205_zpse98392e7.jpg  photo IMG_4198_zps015a5c96.jpg
Photos by the ever lovely Elise Inman

Friday, November 22, 2013

Freedom Tower

 photo IMG_4193_zps9de8bfee.jpg
Sneak peak
Freedom Tower watching on the rooftop
New York's skyline is beautiful

Photo by Elise Inman

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tights Sample Sale in NYC

It's back! Joyous day! I'm sorry for all of you who don't live in New York; just disregard this message. But for those who do, this is your place to go to get the best hosiery in the city. For an amazing price too. After you buy 3 packs of tights for $10, it's hard to go back. Wool, cashmere, patterns, colors, knee-highs, you name it. 

P.S. Look for the box in the back with all the "loose tights." $1 goodness is just at your fingertips. 
P.P.S. If you can, go to the male cashier. He's way nicer than the girl one. 

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Friday, November 15, 2013


 photo 7e5ad381-7d3c-41ee-aa13-25e4da542034_zps4dc91583.jpg
After the last photoshoot, Elise wanted to try some indoor photos. I got to feel pensive and fancy for a few minutes, so that was fun. Honestly though, I'm so used to smiling I don't know what to do with my face to look serious. So if you can sense my awkwardness emanating from the pictures, I apologize. I hope you enjoy Elise's handiwork! Have a lovely day!
 photo IMG_4050_zps8103b098.jpg  photo IMG_4065_zps5cd9ba86.jpg  photo IMG_4064_zps19856fb5.jpg  photo 07a9e101-b2ba-46f4-ada4-ae1be002c62d_zps64a1d323.jpg  photo IMG_4053_zps63c7dfc1.jpg  photo 5208cd7e-957c-4524-8821-2dd8f8f89b1c_zpsae966a29.jpg  photo IMG_4051_zpsea0163e8.jpg

Monday, November 11, 2013

"I wear your granddad's clothes. I look incredible."

The other week, I gave you guys some tips on thrift store shopping [link!]. As a slight motivation, here are some of my favorite thrift shop purchases. I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration! 

 photo 7f765c4a-7a47-4c84-94c7-ee0142cb6006_zps27fcf523.jpg
Dress worn as skirt: Forever 21 via Salvation Army [$5]DSCN1267
Polka Dot Plus-Size Blouse: Goodwill in Arizona[$6] 
This is probably one of my most worn articles of clothing ever. I'm pretty sure I wore this blouse three days in a row during one week of school. Knotted up, belted as a dress, and then as a tunic with a sweater on top. Maybe it's weird that a plus-size shirt has been such a staple in my wardrobe, but it's been the perfect addition of pattern to all my gloomy outfit days!DSCN1097
Bag: Goodwill in Queens, NY [approximately $1.67]
I may have accidentally taken this bag from someone else's shopping cart in the store because I thought it was abandoned. Oops. But it's been the perfect smallish bag with lots of zippers and pockets to incentivize organization.DSCN1127
Boots: Merona via Salvation Army [$4]
It is highly possible that I have worn these boots more than 300 times. Which makes the return on investment fantastically high. Probably my favorite thrift store find ever. 
 photo 94a343a6-9b71-4037-83bc-47ca71b50318_zps45049bed.jpg
Heels: Old Navy via Savers in Arizona [$6]
You gotta love some snakeskin print t-straps! The chunky heel is also perfect for my lack of balance and general coordination.  photo IMG_1003_zpsc4d03e90.jpg
Belt: thrift store in Arizona [25 cents]
This is the crowning jewel of my thrift store purchases. Actually no, I got a J.Crew down coat for $1 one time and that was awesome. But I wear this belt at least twice a week and it's been my constant companion for the last three years. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jump Then Fall Then Repeat

 photo IMG_4006_zps8bb30c1f.jpg
Dress: Target [$8]
Belt: $.25 [thrift store in Arizona]
Boots: Target [$11]

1) I'm terrible at jumping pictures. Case in point: this
2) Spring dresses are appropriate at all times. Is this unpractical? Maybe. Am I slightly crazy? Perchance. But is it sometimes necessary to fake spring when it's least spring-like? Definitely.
3) This bracelet makes me miss Mary a lot but you can find her blog here. (She's in Nepal now)
4) New York rooftops are a small yet important slice of my well-being. Especially when I feel like I haven't seen the sky in awhile. 
4) Elise is such a great photographer.

 photo IMG_3999_zps4b9fc896.jpg  photo IMG_3996_zpsd92cc056.jpg  photo IMG_3995_zpsf2a761a1.jpg  photo IMG_3991_zps98f7a48c.jpg  photo IMG_4004_zps55c5cc4a.jpg  photo 5a2029b4-5340-4192-97cf-0c8e1ba6c6ae_zpsadebf05e.jpg  photo IMG_4011_zps90023f6f.jpg
Elise Inman took these photos.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

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This. Is a big deal. 

Okay, in the grand scheme of things, this is far from a big deal. But the fact that a poor and cheap college student like myself can own a slice of Isabel Marant is pretty darn cool. If you've been staring at the ground lately and have seen a hybrid of a sneaker and a wedge heel, you can thank Isabel Marnat for the original design. If you've seen any photo of Miranda Kerr wearing beautiful clothes on the street, there's most likely some Isabel Marant thrown in there somewhere. Basically, Isabel Marant has stunning clothing. But at an average price of $1,000 for anything with the label, there was never going to be any Marant in my meager closet. Until BAM, this!

Granted, I still will not buy anything until it goes on sale because I'm frugal to a fault. And granted, the collection will likely sell out because people are obsessed and very punctual with their shopping. But the thought of even having the chance to have an Isabel Marant piece is pretty cool. And by the looks of the collection, this one looks like a keeper. Check out it out here.

I've always been a fan of high end designers producing lines for the populace (ex: Phillip Lim for Target, Versace for H&M), but some think that they're selling out and foregoing luxury for revenue. Alas! I see their point, but I also think it's important for designers to make money. And if this is what keeps them in business and allows them to expand, then I'm all for it! What do you think?

Long Ago

 photo IMG_3716_zps3942dd4d.jpg
Blouse: Old Navy [$5]
Skirt: H&M [$5]
Shoes: Old Navy via Savers [$6ish]

After much ado, here are some photos in New York! I no longer live in Brooklyn, but the Financial District is just one stop away on the train and I go to Brooklyn so often it doesn't really seem like I ever left. Teeeeechnically the roof of my building is closed during construction, but if the door is always open whenever I get there, it's an open invitation, right? Anyhow, these photos were from when it was warmer and I was still reasonably tan. And still made attempts to dress in business casual. I hope you like them! Special thanks to my roommate/photographer Elise who gets to deals with my photo pleas now.  photo IMG_3708_zps0e5d0493.jpg  photo 018205ed-24a4-46d3-8cb5-4c4c77d70d48_zpsf580184a.jpg  photo IMG_3724_zpscbf817af.jpg  photo IMG_3723_zps39e70978.jpg  photo 38fb5a3e-b204-4b5c-b356-b9f5c9cc0001_zps2d7a6a26.jpg  photo 94a343a6-9b71-4037-83bc-47ca71b50318_zps45049bed.jpg
Photos by Elise Inman