Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Greats Were Great

 photo DSCN1531_zpsaccd26ab.jpg
Dress/Tunic: H&M [$7]
Leggings (that I accidentally painted on years ago): F21 [$5]
Necklace: F21 [6]
Bracelet: [a gift]
Watch: Timex [a gift]
Boots: Costco [a gift]

Hooray for being shorter and getting to wear shirts as dresses! Well, it's a semi-shirt of sorts I believe, H&M confuses me sometimes. But hey, I'm not complaining, the sale section has been very good to me. These photos were from yesterday, but earlier today we went up to Flushing Chinatown to check out the New Year parade and indulge in some yumminess. Cheap milk tea boba, red bean sweet bread, kung pao chicken and dumplings all amount to a morning of greatness. 

Chúc mừng năm mới !
 photo 31ab37f1-90c5-4625-9ba0-2b2d84631039_zps1a29547f.jpg  photo cb41d132-df5c-4476-86a0-2f1e92532ab4_zps0f0b7387.jpg  photo DSCN1553_zpsb71d6665.jpg  photo d88dafce-f687-40aa-b53f-69ee148f5238_zps101358a0.jpg  photo cfdd4494-d090-47ef-ba44-a80f30029fbe_zpsafb5f237.jpg  photo DSCN1552_zpsa4425163.jpg
And surprise! A cameo from my seester/photographer, Mary. Ain't she lovely? photo DSCN1549_zpsf79490ea.jpg

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