Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Down in the FiDi

 photo DSCN1704_zps689d3d2d.jpg
Coat: A&F [a gift]
Button-up: Target [$5]
Pants: Target [$6]
Boots: UO [$20]
Alaska wolf socks from mis padres

'Twas cold out indeed. Maddie and I sped-walked down to the little Bowling Green Park after class and snapped a few photos because I actually remembered to bring my camera today! I've definitely been dressing like it's spring for the last couple weeks when it is very much not, yet there are no regrets. Plus, these pants always remind me of lima beans and cabbage and all things vegetable-related, which is always a bonus. I've been terrible at going over to Battery Park this semester, but if you have a chance to, it's got the best views of the Statue of Liberty and Jersey which should not be missed! The spot with the blue lanterns is my favorite though: it's got this fantastical feel to it at night and that's absolutely beautiful. photo DSCN1708_zps84f87612.jpg
Photos thanks to the beautiful Maddie Whitlock.

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