Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring-ish Dressing

 photo DSCN2997_zps08508462.jpg
Dress: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Shirt: Club Monaco via Salvation Army [$4]
Boots: Costco [a gift]

The best way for me to winterize a spring/summer dress (and not have to worry about constantly pulling up a strapless dress) is to wear it over a blouse or sweater of some sort. It always helps when you're itching to break out of winter wear but the weather is still not permissive. Or when you just feel like being a rebel. As you can tell, I like to live on the edge.  photo d8877946-1a1f-4389-a173-0d2f54022605_zpsaade941c.jpg'  photo DSCN3001_zps856333bb.jpg  photo DSCN3002_zpsc844d579.jpg  photo DSCN3005_zpsa799524c.jpg  photo DSCN3004_zps6f7e3a8d.jpg

Friday, March 29, 2013


 photo DSCN2986_zpscad5de1f.jpg
Shirt: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Pants: Uniqlo [$10]
Boots: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Necklace: Urban Outfitters [$2.50]

I have terrible posture. One must work on standing up straight. I look awkward and uncomfortable in this post (that is, moreso than usual) because someone else was on the roof and I wanted to appear as unassuming as possible. So obviously some chin-scratching and hands-on-hips poses commenced. Whoops. But on another note, by hair is growing out! Progress! photo f2a96f29-f6d6-42f4-9c49-e0e22b76731c_zps0337e204.jpg  photo ba8f5fbe-5b04-4bec-8d66-ed7e00d7732e_zps7186e227.jpg  photo DSCN2992_zps62fa960e.jpg  photo 0a223957-ad3c-47a2-a459-a5d0acfa4d34_zpsb9b65f87.jpg

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Colors in Two

 photo DSCN2974_zps1704b637.jpg
Coat: BB Dakota [a gift]
Dress: Buffalo Exchange [$7ish I think]
Tights: F21 [$2]
Belt: thrift store [25 cents]
Boots: Merona via Salvation Army [$5]

I got this dress from Buffalo Exchange a few years back and it had these tassels that were AWESOME. But then they unraveled and became a mess and I had to do some surgery and the tassels were put to rest. So the dress sat in the corner of my closet, biding its time. Actually, I still don't wear it often because it doesn't quite fit in my ongoing Dress-Like-It's-Spring campaign, but out it came yesterday. Throw in a belt and some color-coordinating accessories, and voila! An easy and speedy outfit that's still a) business casual b) weather appropriate and c) comfy. Unless I eat too much. Then off goes the belt! Food is just too good. Especially when it involves baguettes and Irish butter.
 photo f6a2b163-ba41-4558-b409-71e180d972db_zpsbb39de1c.jpg  photo DSCN2977_zpsca7230c4.jpg  photo DSCN2979_zps1c5b3b1a.jpg  photo DSCN2980_zpsbe5c1ffb.jpg  photo dae34b09-6581-4806-a9bb-d32b8e939a2c_zpsd1707bf2.jpg
Photos by Mary Pham. Typical. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Be In Boston, Pt. 2

 photo DSCN0740_zps340640b5.jpg
Another Boston post! We walked the other side of the Freedom Trail and hit up the Bunker Hill Monument and the U.S.S. Constitution. The Bunker Hill area is absolutely beautiful. There aren't any brick homes in California, and seeing the buildings here makes me want to stay on the East Cost for more than just school. But then I think about the beach and cheap tacos and boba and I change my mind. But Boston is a charming city, and if you're a history buff and own a comfy pair of shoes, then go forth and conquer!  photo DSCN0746_zpseb570b9b.jpg  photo DSCN0750_zpsabc41ba2.jpg  photo d6d3a33d-d118-4602-bcd4-bde90f509dae_zpsb867da90.jpg  photo 7ba23bcf-efee-4707-a1ec-2518aa7dccc3_zps67282553.jpg
Me: Dress [Urban Outfitters, $7], Shirt [Club Monaco via Salvation Army, $3], Boots [Costco]
Daisy: Sweater [Old Navy], Jeans [Urban Outfitters], Boots [Costco]

Friday, March 22, 2013

We Be In Boston

 photo DSCN0564_zps0ec8e383.jpg
Not the most flattering of pictures but too late. Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been terrible this past week. But I have a surprise today...*cue drum rolls*...MY FAMILY! *Cue Rocky-esque champion music* Well, part of my family anyhow. My mom and Daisy, the little sister, came over to Boston and I hopped on a bus and booked it over to see them! We spent the day roaming the streets,jumping on and off the Freedom Trail, and finding refuge from the cold in any and all Starbucks'. It's quite the random assortment of photos that doesn't nearly give Boston or the day much justice, but it's a little something! Plus, my mommy and the Dais make me happy. Tomorrow we're scheduled to head to Plymouth to explore, so more pictures shall come your way in due time. For now, enjoy the smattering of my day! photo f310c1e2-a897-4dd3-ba3c-c5b23d51659f_zps8f96a779.jpg  photo DSCN0512_zpsf26d9ff3.jpg  photo DSCN0553_zpseb4c8c2b.jpg  photo 6abd789b-7f6c-4fd9-9920-308f8bfd4b41_zps4b97c4bf.jpg  photo DSCN0609_zps4818fb50.jpg  photo DSCN0623_zps27076ab6.jpg  photo DSCN0647_zpse4c0f929.jpg  photo DSCN0618_zps4fa82956.jpg
Photos by Dais or my mom!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Care for a Pineapple? Or 15?

 photo DSCN1989_zps8ad54940.jpg
Dress: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Cardigan: Old Navy [$6]
Belt: thrift store [25 cents]
Boots: Madden Girl [a gift]

When I found this dress, I figured it was too good to be true. Exploding technicolor pineapples on a dress that isn't even vaguely butt-grazing? Good stuff right there. And then I tried it on and some more amazingness came to my attention: POCKETS. Oh man, something has pockets and I'm sold. And then I took it up to the register to ask for the price, and with UO's 50% off Sale sale, it came out to be $5. YES. It's got a cut-out back too, which makes it difficult to wear a bra and leaves my spine chilled, but it'll come in handy during the summer. I hope all is well with y'all! Today I shall renew my passport, try to get research done for my exegetical paper, and then have a late lunch to catch up with a friend. Sure I'm still in pajamas at 11:25 in the morning, but I'm already feeling mighty productive! It's a new day, have a good one!
 photo DSCN1997_zpsba1c7849.jpg  photo 61694542-3b4c-42c1-a7d8-887c9a0a1bc5_zps688832f2.jpg  photo 7ffe62c7-64ad-4786-a5a9-9e759dceda98_zpsa456f2e2.jpg  photo DSCN2001_zpsb8bbb695.jpg  photo 9362b1a6-b578-48fb-a1c7-af8c3727ec42_zpsc91edb16.jpg  photo DSCN2006_zps4e60063b.jpg

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gusts of Wind

 photo DSCN1967_zps1a4e5921.jpg
Jacket: BB Dakota [gift]
Blouse: Old Navy [$5]
Skirt: Urban Outfitters [$17]
Tights: sample sale [$2]
Boots: Costco [gift]

It was warm enough to switch to this jacket for the past few days, and yesterday it ended up snowing. Go figure! This blouse is one of those shirts I only wear when I have to do laundry, but each time I wear it, I'm reminded of how much I like it. My sister and Maddie are off to Ireland today so I may be severely lacking on the photo front for a week, but I'll try to post up some interesting tidbits to make up for it. Have a restful rest of your Sunday!
 photo DSCN1973_zps427c97c1.jpg  photo 3bf181b4-f7b2-4eab-b837-3aab8adcbc83_zps5d624902.jpg  photo 6546d35b-70d5-4578-a2d9-2f40f4748a64_zps34796001.jpg  photo 8fa66d4a-9d12-4db5-a5d6-e6cbf05c7a1c_zps3cafac6f.jpg

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Face

 photo ce8e37df-7d34-485b-b7f7-e381e04c7772_zpsaa35d311.jpg
Jacket: BB Dakota [a gift]
Zip-up Sweater: H&M [$10]
Pants: H&M [$7]
Shoes: Sketchers [$20]

As you can see, I'm ecstatic. Actually, this was a few days ago, when spring break was on the horizon and I was one midterm away from freedom. But it's not HERE! Hallelujah! And what better way to ring in the week with watching Zoolander in pajamas? Oh yeahh. photo 53c77c4a-cef8-4593-a64a-dc13eaa90ba5_zps97295cb3.jpg  photo f13bb697-4271-40ff-93b7-869082964af5_zpscd5c0cdd.jpg  photo c09d392d-a97c-42c7-8afb-ac43e1fb54e0_zpsa2b79715.jpg

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Kid Coat

 photo f8b1fdbb-b17d-4b7c-907f-08b872506abe_zpsd4040af8.jpg
Raincoat: Burlington Coat Factory [a hand-me-down/gift from Mary]
Shirt: Old Navy [$3]
Skirt: Urban Outfitters [$17]
Boots: Old Navy [$13]

Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures! I've been lagging on updating the god 'ol blog and accidentally deleted the rest of these photos, so theses were the only two to choose from! Hence, the lovely expression in the next picture. Mary's old raincoat make me feel like a little kid, especially in New York  where it's black coats and pants and gloves every which way. But I like me some color, and I don't believe that's gonna change any time soon. 
 photo 55ed510a-6c1f-4006-92ae-c38a6569ea4d_zps956b3c83.jpg

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There's a Garden on my Knees

 photo DSCN1894_zpsa16849e8.jpg
Sweater: F21 [$5]
Dress (worn as skirt): F21 via Salvation Army [$6]
Cuff: Urban Outfitters [$2.50]
Boots: Jessica Simpson [taken from my mom!]

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been honing in on midterms lately. This is the classic sweater-over-dress scenario, where my dress is cut too low and I'm to lazy to take it off after I just put it on, so I throw a sweater on top. It's tricky though, because the sweater can't be too long or too baggy to maintain some semblance of a figure! And if the dress is knee-length or lower, I'd want to wear a slight heel at least, to balance out the proportion. I tried to explain all this to my mom before, and she just looked at me like I was explaining quantum physics. Actually, she may have understood me more, she's a numbers person.  But she accepts my clothing proportion ramblings because she loves me and I help her pick out outfits! I love my mommy :) T-minus 9 days til I see her and the Dais! Oh Spring Break, how I've missed you so. 
 photo DSCN1892_zps50a98cd2.jpg  photo 7f765c4a-7a47-4c84-94c7-ee0142cb6006_zps27fcf523.jpg  photo DSCN1896_zps745ca388.jpg  photo DSCN1903_zpse89f183d.jpg
Photo cred shoutout to Mary Phaaaaaaaam.