Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's a Snowin' Up in Here

 photo DSCN1411_zps0a658a4d.jpg

Dress: F21 ($12)
Sweater: Club Monaco via Salvation Army [$3]
Tights: tights sample sale [$2]
Scarf: F21 [$6]
Boots: Target via Salvation Army [$5]

Sorry about the delay of posts, I've been getting home too late to take decent pictures and there have been photo posting issues, but hopefully that's cleared up now! 

The snow pictures were taken on Friday, since the best time to go out on the roof is during a blizzard in pajamas. It was gorgeous and worth every frozen extremity! Sorry about the crappy picture above too. Safe to say I do not look fresh at the end of a long day of work. Never have and never will, I'm sure! More photos soon, pinky swear.

 photo 51670326-0b8d-4ad3-b8a0-49b08527508f_zps11495e87.jpg  photo 25486ee0-1e73-477c-8119-5641cf8ba47c_zpsb4801856.jpg  photo 9cdb54ad-5189-414a-8748-3290fdf17694_zpse6390f1d.jpg

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