Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rain Boots and Snow

 photo DSCN1373_zps0077ae4b.jpg
Dress: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Black Shirt: F21 [$4]
Rain Boots: Amazon [$30]
Sweater Tights: a tights sample sale [$3]

My California-ness gets excited every time there's snow. Snow is amazing! Even if snow flurries stick to your hair and makes it look like dandruff in photos!

This dress is definitely verging on the long-shirt/tunic/inappropriatetowearwithoutpants territory, but I'm gonna beg your pardon and continue on my Spring-y streak. It's unshapely and slightly ugly too, which just makes it that much more fun to wear. The boots were a splurge from Amazon (my splurge is definitely different than everyone else's), and I accidentally ordered them too small, but I'm hoping that the odds will prevail and the rubber will stretch out and comfortably form to my feet. We'll see how that one goes! photo DSCN1383_zps12af6b9c.jpg  photo DSCN1372_zps95be5e76.jpg  photo c8836e9f-aa1f-4644-bc4f-6f854de36423_zps9a3cfacc.jpg  photo DSCN1381_zpsd7130f9c.jpg  photo 0981bef8-4ec3-42d5-9d8f-7206ae72a322_zps2ad8058b.jpg  photo DSCN1379_zps7c2ebcd3.jpg
Photos thanks to Mary Pham

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