Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Audience is the Final Arbiter of Meaning

 photo DSCN1388_zpsc44c224a.jpg
Sweater: re-gifted to me by my mommy
Jeans: Old Navy [$9]
Boots: Costco [a gift]
Earrings: F21 [$1.50]

The title sounds way more deep than it actually is; it's just a line out of my Mass Communications book.   I used to think the sweater was a shocking shade of pink and took it from my mom only because she insisted. And then things changed. And it happened: I liked the color pink. And I was ashamed. And then pensive. And then at peace. And ever since, the shade has unabashedly been sneaking its way into my wardrobe. And for now, I shall sit back and just let it happen. photo 32b92b18-ab76-4764-92ca-64fc087b1933_zpse29aa08b.jpg  photo 1b753fc1-e597-4fe9-8d0a-16e5ef316395_zpsa658b13f.jpg  photo cd5b3adb-3116-4b3a-babb-189fe805b565_zps1d9422ba.jpg  photo DSCN1408_zps71ee8d7f.jpg  photo DSCN1392_zps9c3e873c.jpg
Photography by Mary Pham

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