Saturday, September 28, 2013

Completely Normal

 photo IMG_1688_zps24059682.jpg
Shirt: H&M [clothing exchange]
Skirt: H&M [$5]
Boots: Target [$11]

Just taking pictures the bathroom at a hotel in Boston. That's normal, right? photo IMG_1685_zps8d8f6e66.jpg  photo IMG_1689_zps1592b6c4.jpg
Photos by my lovely mother

Saturday, September 21, 2013


 photo IMG_1465_zpsb8e0b4b8.jpg
Dress: F21 [$20?]
Boots: Target [$11]

This dress is one of those pieces that I always loved but forgot I owned. I bought it back during freshman year of high school and it's only made its resurgence this past summer. The embroidery is absolutely beautiful, and it's from Forever 21! Schveet. Today has been filled with delicious Mexican food and a cannoli from the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy. My stomach is both awfully full and incredibly satisfied, but there's really nothing like some great company to really complete the night. Have a great rest of your weekend! photo IMG_1462_zps94d194c5.jpg  photo IMG_1467_zps222e3c21.jpg  photo IMG_1456_zpsfb11c39f.jpg  photo IMG_1459_zpsb9becdbb.jpg  photo IMG_1452_zps6769b70e.jpg
Photos by Daisy Pham

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 photo IMG_1235_zpsc50f0700.jpg
Shirt: Urban Outfitters [taken from my mom]
Shorts: Old Navy [$10? from ages ago]
Boots: Target [$11]
Camera Bag: a gift from Ken

Learning how to shoot manual in the boy's backyard while Kona and Brownie mull around and eat fallen apples. Looking at these pictures makes me crave summer, but the touch of fall in the air and impending pumpkin everything is pretty exciting. Enjoy the pictures and have a lovely day!
 photo IMG_1236_zpsed998551.jpg  photo IMG_1229_zpsa8e196b4.jpg  photo 19a330fd-d958-4ca8-a493-13e5da30f0c4_zps3e57d07c.jpg  photo IMG_1230_zps899a1c26.jpg  photo IMG_1228_zps7713f015.jpg  photo IMG_1227_zps9addaa0d.jpg  photo IMG_1226_zpsdfac7ae4.jpg  photo 5563f5aa-4413-4856-b500-4e509c2b8a91_zps30b8aeab.jpg
Photos by Ken

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Color(block)

 photo IMG_1129_zpsf60f5e9f.jpg
Dress: Urban Outfitters [a gift from Mary]
Boots: Target [$11]

Sorry for such a long delay; I think that's the longest I've been absent from this here thing! My apologies. I'm still getting used to the rhythm of things and this year has already been the busiest yet. I haven't even had the chance to sneak to any Fashion Week shows yet! Dangit. Anyhow, these pictures (along with the next handful of posts) were taken weeks ago back in California. Although they're much delayed, enjoy! Have a great rest of the week y'all.  photo IMG_1134_zpsd77eaba9.jpg  photo IMG_1119_zpsfa0a0604.jpg  photo IMG_1136_zpsa5adc0be.jpg  photo IMG_1125_zps7335849c.jpg  photo IMG_1122_zps1add2b6d.jpg  photo IMG_1121_zpsb3e7e70f.jpg
Photos by Ken

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halter Dressing

 photo IMG_1442_zps9549897b.jpg
Dress: Target [$8]
Shoes: Old Navy via Savers [$6]

Sorry for my lack of posting! It's been so busy that I kinda keep forgetting that I have a blog...oops. But I'm gonna try my best to keep up with posting! Anyhow, I got this dress when Target was having a sale on their sale (that's always the best), and I immediately loved it. It's just so much fun, yet still manages to be polished. I had a full length picture but it was too blurry to publish. I guess it's just all the more reason to wear this dress again and take pictures. I hope your Labor Day was un-laborous and relaxing! photo IMG_1444_zps4d5af139.jpg  photo IMG_1449_zps9275bf4e.jpg  photo IMG_1443_zps8219f000.jpg  photo IMG_1447_zps2936ba1b.jpg  photo IMG_1448_zps7a0818b8.jpg
Photos by Daisy