Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And Then Come the Aliens

 photo aece6321-4490-4c75-8ced-08fe54e5de57_zps5ad4e1cb.jpg
 photo 3eb77208-addc-4d72-8345-313544a7ae36_zps87b4deea.jpg
Sweater: Goodwill [$1]
Jeans: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Necklace: F21 [$7]
Shoes: Sketchers [$20]

The picture is very Day-After-Tomorrow, but it looked awesome from the rooftop! I've been extremely lazy with dressing for the past few months because I haven't had the time to put a creative outfit together, and also because it's been especially arctic. The wind is always what gets ya. I'm feeling especially lazy today, so it's time for Mary's illustrious garlic mashed potatoes to be consumed without haste. photo 73439a5f-8287-4b39-9d4e-516d1de59b22_zpsb9e9b93f.jpg  photo 079d2424-7de3-4bf2-a4d7-c1c16a3667f0_zps24a54621.jpg  photo b0529178-42f4-4733-ba80-c5caf60d0feb_zps479408f1.jpg  photo 46f7dc7e-f3c7-4288-9eb6-61114e5a6e69_zpsaee9f915.jpg  photo db0bb9b8-9ec8-45ab-9598-993f6613196c_zpse75d535e.jpg
Mary Pham took these pictures.

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