Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Palos Verde

 photo DSCN1943_zps0a472369.jpg
Shirt: Target [$6]
Shorts: Old Navy [$12]
Sneaks: old Vans

The other week my family and Ken drove took a day trip around LA. After marveling at the Space Shuttle Endeavour, shoveling down all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ as fast as possible, and taking inside streets because traffic was horrendous, we stopped by Palos Verde. And man oh man was it worth it. Palos Verde is one of those places that I've always heard mentioned, nodded my head in recognition, and then went along on my merry 'ol way with thoughts of visiting some time but never actually summoning up the gusto to do so. It reminded me so much of driving down PCH last summer from San Francisco and marveling at how beautiful the world was how blessed I am to live in California. New York is home for now, but California will always be home base. 

On another note: Happy Birthday to my older sister Mary who turns 21 today! Granted she's currently beside the Black Sea and in transit to Moldova where she may or may not have an internet connection, but still!  photo DSCN1942_zps6334de21.jpg  photo DSCN1936_zps0ae1e1bd.jpg  photo 1bc8edbb-3728-4791-9b61-aeada52aacaa_zpsc2b9b7a8.jpg  photo 7b61b4bc-66a6-40e1-9ba4-63b6a53c3bee_zps2c069917.jpg  photo 8470af5c-90e9-4314-aa3e-9add4b8c8904_zps30fe943d.jpg  photo afc6fd3a-6837-41d1-bbea-6c16db7a51ee_zpse571b6a2.jpg
Photos mostly by Daisy. I think. 

Monday, July 29, 2013


 photo DSCN1940_zps83ec0f71.jpg
Roaming the hills of Palos Verdes on a fine summer day. More pictures soon! Next up for today: hiking  Peter's Canyon and consuming meals with copious amounts of teriyaki sauce, 

Sunday, July 28, 2013


 photo DSCN1823_zps6ace7424.jpg
Tank: Urban Outfitters [a Christmas gift from Jessica]
Shorts: Old Navy [$5]
Sneakers: FILA [from my mom from Costco]

I am neither sporty nor greatly athletic, but exercise is a-okay in my book for the most part. I never had the money, patience, or motivation to go to a gym, so that option was vetoed long ago. But you can easily get me to go hiking, throw a frisbee or football around, or bike for miles. Well, there may have to be a cold beverage as incentive, but still. And while my normal workout attire tends to revolve around old high school club t-shirts that have been properly cut apart and laundered to submission, I couldn't resist the gray and coral combo happenings. Forgive my expression in the last photos, I somehow always manage to look crazed in every captured aerial movement. photo 6c23a732-7e40-40a3-baea-d60fe819420f_zps040858f8.jpg  photo DSCN1791_zps3e5ab361.jpg  photo DSCN1822_zps9b2c3813.jpg  photo 5be1cac3-5a39-4526-a36a-ebb90f9cb0ee_zps17579d21.jpg  photo DSCN1794_zps76eda296.jpg
These photos were capture by Daisy

Friday, July 26, 2013


 photo d55c3d25-c7ad-4e50-b002-9bed3e8217ce_zps7e754a14.jpg
A good 'ol blurry picture to hint at the next outfit and simultaneously count as a post is blogging at its laziest. Which seems grand right now in my sluggish state. I've been on a Tina Fey kick this past week. 30 Rock is genius. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


 photo bc1206cd-6a58-4837-8980-98ff310e0f08_zps687f8df9.jpg
Dress: some unbeknownst brand [clothing exchange]
Belt: thrift shop [25 cents]
Sneaks: old Vans

I've probably worn this dress a dozen times already this summer, but this is the first time it's been up on this here blog. Sometimes it's just nice to have hundreds of little creatures printed onto garments. Unbelted, this dress is quite trapeze-like, but it's so much fun to wear regardless. It's one of those pieces I probably should save just for summer, but I'll end up donning it with doubled-up tights and a down jacket come winter.  photo 778c8dbf-5b57-40c8-920a-4078d1f9862a_zps2ea53b50.jpg  photo 7037649f-bcba-4bbc-8293-d27fcaa77a9d_zps724971c5.jpg  photo DSCN1782_zpsabe221a1.jpg  photo 0f707be4-5334-4bb4-9c17-0605bc94a46c_zps0af67d83.jpg  photo d70810f0-b699-4be4-a914-c5e3e4e02119_zpscf347050.jpg
Photos by the Dais

Monday, July 22, 2013

Red, Blue, Gold

 photo DSCN1732_zpsb0389bf5.jpg
Shirt: Michael Michael Kors [a hand-me-down]
Pants: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Shoes: Target [borrowed from Daisy]

Sometimes, it's just good to wear a lot of sparkly things at one time. Especially on days when free Slurpees were being given out. I scored this shirt from my friend who interned at Michael Kors and got a bunch of free clothes at the end of it. The shirt is unbelievably soft and although the color is geared more towards fall and winter, I couldn't help but break it out for the summer.  photo 7a364b61-dee6-4936-ac34-b625f905a85f_zpsc317a617.jpg  photo 957d0192-91bf-43d4-87e9-d11626b4677f_zpsa702ca8f.jpg  photo DSCN1736_zpsfb9b1ade.jpg  photo DSCN1741_zps8bcfc7fa.jpg  photo DSCN1738_zpsdd921f32.jpg
Photos by Dais

Friday, July 19, 2013


 photo DSCN1722_zpsbec753a0.jpg
Dress: Dolce Vita, Urban Outfitters [$10]
Sandals: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Backpack: Urban Outfitters [a gift from Dais]
Earrings: F21 [$1]

My summer class went on a field trip to the Fashion District in LA the other week and because it was stifling and hot, I wore the easiest dress ever. This little gem was picked up a few weeks ago on a visit to my cousin in San Diego while waiting an hour to get brunch at Snooze. San Diego does not mess around with brunch, lemme tell you. But lo and behold, there was an Urban next door and we were appeased. I still kinda wish I picked up a pair of black booties on sale for $20, but I'm glad I got this beaut. The swinginess, clipped zig-zap pattern, and overall breeziness makes it the perfect dress when the weather seems more suited for a bikini but public decency must still be taken into consideration. 
 photo DSCN1716_zpsbf6f8685.jpg  photo DSCN1717_zps91a7f8a5.jpg  photo DSCN1719_zps133672ac.jpg  photo 20ae1e02-3ee7-45fc-b90d-93d92cf33cd3_zps77b0ec15.jpg  photo 7ac3b4b8-5934-4672-a233-554b97a29e29_zpsdf4af71a.jpg
Photos by Daisy

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flower Power

 photo DSCN1698_zpsf307580f.jpg
Tunic: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Shorts: Target [$6]
Shades: Armani [a gift from my mom]
Sneaks: old Vans

Summer's always a good time for a little pattern explosion. Particularly those involving vegetation or vegetation-like prints. My mom may have rolled her eyes a bit, but that's just part of the fun. I love how this top has a little tie-front thing going on: it's kinda peasant-y, kinda boho, kinda footwear-reminiscent. It's actually used to be a dress of sorts, but I always get a little dryer-happy and end up shrinking my clothes. Case in point: after my last load, these shorts have shrunk beyond butt-grazing and shall soon be retired to my cousin's wardrobe. Whoops! photo DSCN1704_zpsdf09fb88.jpg  photo DSCN1703_zpsba5b5437.jpg  photo DSCN1705_zps100e5726.jpg  photo bea045f9-1755-458f-b374-998eb4e56b2d_zpsfe48d09b.jpg  photo DSCN1702_zpsaa7a62cd.jpg  photo DSCN1709_zpsf4a156bc.jpg
Photos by Dais

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 photo DSCN1686_zps47a9b152.jpg
Shirt: Old Navy [$5]
Shorts: F21 [$3]
Sneaks: old Vans

I didn't even realize I had a sporty vibe that day until I walked out the door. I guess for me, being comfortable is the most important aspect in how I dress, hence my nonexistent shoe collection and adherence to all shoes as close to the ground as possible. Although don't get me wrong; I so wish I could be that girl in heels who can get through the day without tripping over every minute bump and crack. 

By the way: the black rubber bracelet that I have on will be gracing my arm for the next year until Mary gets back home from the World Race, a mission organization that reaches 11 countries in 11 months. Yes! Just in case you wanted an inkling of what was going on there.  photo DSCN1690_zps4c90cd97.jpg  photo DSCN1691_zps4f2020cc.jpg  photo DSCN1680_zps78203edc.jpg  photo DSCN1693_zpse532a325.jpg  photo DSCN1681_zpse865852f.jpg
Ken took these photos.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


 photo c32db458-4015-46a3-af0e-e41d563d49c5_zps317245a8.jpg
Tee: F21 [$4]
Skirt: H&M [5]
Sneaks: old Vans

The wall on the elementary school across from my house is ladden with ceramic tiles painted by ridiculously artistic little kids. And I thought it was proper to jump in from of the aforementioned wall because Independence day was upon us and also because the school's on summer break so I'm finally allowed to do it. I suppose the only proper way to casualize a pencil skirt is to pair it with a pair of ratty old sneakers and the tried and true white tee. Yeah, that seems about right to me. Enjoy your Sunday! photo DSCN1666_zps6e00fb1f.jpg  photo DSCN1645_zps6623aa67.jpg  photo DSCN1655_zpsa2b391c1.jpg  photo DSCN1647_zps016fbfef.jpg  photo DSCN1651_zpsc8f4a092.jpg
Photos thanks to Daisy