Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chillin' Out Back and Relaxin' All Cool

 photo DSCN1556_zpsb7492c21.jpg
Coat: Abercrombie&Fitch [a gift]
Hoodie: Uniqlo [$10]
Long Sleeve: Old Navy [$3]
Skirt: Kirna Zabete for Target [$9]
Sweater tights: tights sample sale [$3]
Boots: Costco [a gift]
Backpack: Urban Outfitters [a gift]

I didn't realize how cold it would be yesterday, but the hoodie added an extra measure of warmth to a deceptively sunny day. The ultimate comfort clothing for me is the skirt/dress/tights combo to avoid wearing pants as much as possible. Plus I like to sit cross-legged at any given occasion, and a skirt+tights getup is the perfect way to sit for hours and not have your legs deprived of oxygen. I'm still trying to not look as awkward in photos, and while I think I've made an ounce of progress, it's still pretty apparent. Baby steps. Have a beautiful Sunday!
 photo DSCN1559_zps8fa3a5e3.jpg  photo DSCN1557_zps6cfc00c8.jpg  photo 8fec712d-8394-4901-879e-b35ecba405cf_zpsbe577d52.jpg  photo DSCN1558_zps2c868949.jpg  photo DSCN1562_zpsc20e4990.jpg  photo DSCN1563_zps50ea78c1.jpg
Photos by Maddie Whitlock

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