Wednesday, August 28, 2013


 photo IMG_1071_zpsce264252.jpg
Dress: [hand-me-down]
Belt: thrift store [25 cents]
Boots: Target [$11]

Sorry for the recent absence! I've been in Boston and now am in New York with a busy schedule and little time. Thankfully, I should be all unpacked tomorrow into my new apartment, and hopefully should be ready to go for school starting up again on Thursday. Whew. Anyhow, this absurdly comfortable dress was handed down to me by my mom's friend (Asian women are just so tiny sometimes), and I broke it out for one of my last days in beautiful California. New York has been hot and humid lately, and I've got some gnarly bug bites decorating my legs. So enjoy these pictures of pre mosquito torture!  photo 11273cf8-1da3-4038-b645-c7ec91c9dba4_zpsd7ae2642.jpg  photo IMG_1075_zpse93c39f0.jpg  photo IMG_1076_zpsa9aa465c.jpg
Pictures by Ken

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mr. November

 photo 795a546b-0799-491b-a71e-ef139ec3707f_zps1c4d078a.jpg
Purse: Target [$3]
Dress: F21 [borrowed from Mary]
Blouse: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Belt: thrift store [25 cents]
Boots: Target [$11]

This bag has been my go-to bag this summer partly because I love it, and partly because it's really the only bag I have here. I wore this outfit to church, took pictures real quick, skyped with Mary, and then changed and jumped into the car with Ken to meet up with friends, gorge on Korean BBQ, and see Daughter and The National at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I wish I brought my camera to capture everything, but it was probably one of the most memorable and fun nights of summer. Good food, good people, good music, good stuff. 
 photo IMG_0986_zpsfa892f86.jpg  photo adbad62a-fe1e-4d42-9d9d-f79693c3691e_zpsfb79e905.jpg  photo IMG_0997_zps8c440144.jpg  photo IMG_1003_zpsc4d03e90.jpg
Photos by Ken

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 photo dd08a4af-e994-413d-8570-83d32e0e11f5_zpsbeef216e.jpg
Shirt: H&M [clothing exchange]
Shorts: Old Navy [$10ish]
Boots: Target [$11]
Necklace: Old Navy [$2]

I felt very western/rodeo-ish with this getup. Like I was going to be an extra in Footloose or something, but with absolutely no dance skill. Still, whenever I don't really know what to do with the ends of a shirt, I always end up typing it up. Especially because I'm on the shorter side of the spectrum, the extra fabric can sometimes overwhelm everything, resulting in sad potato sack looks.  But hooray for playing with proportions! It's my last day in California before heading to Boston tomorrow morning, and I realized I acquired way more clothes throughout this summer than I probably should have. Whoops! Enjoy your day y'all.  photo IMG_0940_zpsad629b18.jpg  photo IMG_0930_zps33b984e6.jpg  photo IMG_0931_zps0782cd54.jpg  photo IMG_0933_zps73ae49c2.jpg  photo IMG_0935_zpsc05c7ba2.jpg
Photos by Dais

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A couple snaps from the drive back from Arizona to California.
 photo IMG_0881_zps2972bb5b.jpg
Rest stoppin'. Trying to appear relaxed but looking far from it.  photo beb6eceb-2d73-4a8c-8492-1ff7d15dff6f_zps36d79172.jpg  photo 288c8e84-7a06-4099-a42b-51125c87470f_zps939a0401.jpg
I love how they're called wind farms. I always wonder if this area is like a graveyard for birds that didn't see it coming.  photo 4085a51f-99a3-42e3-952d-9cac81126b34_zpse59f2fb5.jpg
A much frazzled picture of Ken and I (okay, mostly me) after a handful of hours in the car. My hair was not happy with me this day, but whatcha gonna do? To stay awake we had an arsenal of flavor-blasted Goldfish (the best), rock-hard Red Vines (we left them on the dashboard to heat em' up), Starbucks refresher drinks (kinda weird tasting but not half bad), and tropical Skittles (delicious stuff). Man, I love road trips. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Vest Up

 photo 597922a1-3ca9-4b03-8c70-b8d91295980d_zps311474c1.jpg
Vest: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Tank: F21 [$2]
Shorts: Old Navy [$10?]
Sandals: Urban Outfitters [$10]

Arizona yards with an abundance of rocks instead of grass and spherical cacti are the best. On my first full day in the good 'ol Grand Canyon State, I wore the basic jean short-shorts and white tank, but jazzed it up a bit with this awesome sequin vest. I scored this baby at Urban for $10 when the original price was a whopping $110. WHEW. My frugal brain can barely fathom that amount for a vest. Granted, it's pretty gorgeous and I mean, it's got sequins, but still. If I were in New York, or even southern California, I would have styled it differently, but I didn't want to scare the good people of Arizona. So I kept it simple for a day of family, delicious pizza, and viewing of Sharknado. Enjoy the photos! photo IMG_0773_zps1c8da130.jpg  photo 3da61abc-3f00-41a0-81b1-30c4a7ff50d5_zps71acf3d7.jpg  photo 7dc31712-e883-419b-9ae2-aec3c8576079_zpsd4516482.jpg  photo 93831a98-4fb9-4f8b-ae9a-6abd3b50504b_zps1ec83654.jpg  photo IMG_0745_zps102e3ed9.jpg
Pictures taken by the boy aka the boyfriend aka Ken

Sunday, August 18, 2013


 photo IMG_0677_zps3edb6eaf.jpg
Shirt: Zara [$5]
Shorts: F21 [clothing exchange]
Boots: Target [$11]
Necklace: taken from Daisy

My first Zara purchase, nuts! It's a fun shirt, this one. Lifting my arms to the side is slightly ghostly and great and the fabric is also super soft. Viscose. Which I know little of except that you shouldn't iron it or it'll melt. Valuable information, really. The boy left for Japan today and I'll be back off to Boston/New York in just a couple of days, so it was a bittersweet last couple of days. But back to Skype and novel-like text messages we go!
 photo IMG_0673_zps821d6e43.jpg  photo 61820334-6fdd-4b0e-8d94-5cab8083ae1d_zpsb331c679.jpg  photo 8b3a547f-d6d9-440e-88eb-5b22ebc9d3da_zps99fe2353.jpg  photo be2a455c-29ae-483d-89c4-c5461cb1243b_zps310cea99.jpg
Pictures taken by the Dais

Friday, August 16, 2013


 photo IMG_0566_zps32e78aee.jpg
Dress: F21 [borrowed from Mary]
Tee: the upper half of an old Urban Outfitters romper [$5]
Boots: Target [$11]

The second in the series of the recurring boots. Spanish tile steps are nice.  photo IMG_0568_zpsebb7dbad.jpg  photo IMG_0567_zps9e9f8082.jpg  photo 2e4b2fab-78ff-42b5-a21a-720c15258383_zps038d7241.jpg  photo IMG_0617_zps9008930b.jpg  photo IMG_0627_zps871a5d89.jpg
Photos by Ken

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

These Boots Were Made

 photo 691bc179-bd20-4eb9-90b0-ac7695d4fd61_zps010cd2e1.jpg
Cardigan: Old Navy [$5]
Tank: F21 [$2]
Skirt: F21 [$4ish?]
Boots: Target [$11]

I've been wearing these boots almost every day for the past week and a half. Which means that I have them in 90% of my upcoming blog posts. Which I apologize for in advance. photo IMG_0506_zps7b8e91a9.jpg  photo IMG_0508_zps9ec182ca.jpg  photo IMG_0512_zps0268698f.jpg  photo IMG_0523_zps20c7ff1a.jpg  photo IMG_0517_zps9649f9ca.jpg  photo beee4260-1bac-45b9-8439-255165dcef63_zps9fa017cc.jpg
Photos taken by the boy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 photo db2b2913-12a3-4700-944c-92ffb3526f47_zps5b6a211e.jpg
Blouse: Zara [$5]
Leggings: 90 Degree from Marshall's [$15]
Sneaks: old Vans

Ken and I biked the Santa Ana River Trail this day. Roughly 13 miles. As a celebration, we had Taco Bell and devoured a crunchwrap supreme and Doritios nacho. Not too shabby, eh?
Photos by ze boy