Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winterized Botanicals

 photo DSCN1813_zpsa204ed68.jpg
Dress: a brand I can't recall! [a gift]
Tights: sample sale [$2]
Boots: Target via Salvation Army [$5]
Belt: thrift store [25 cents]

I've never been one to regulate the clothes in my wardrobe by seasons. Shorts in the fall? Yes! Long sleeves during the summer? Bring it on. Flowery dresses in the final days of winter? Oh yeah. This dress is more versatile though, because of its darker hues and moodier feel. If dresses were allowed to be moody, this would be one. These days I pretty much dress solely for comfort. My creative juices have been lacking due to winter weather, climate-sensitive California blood, and constantly being late and having 10 minutes to look at least somewhat presentable, but hopefully that'll change come summer! Ahhh, I'll let myself daydream about the beach in a couple months, but until then, 4-minute rooftop photoshoots with frozen fingers will suffice until the warmer days come a'comin!  photo DSCN1811_zpsd94cc32b.jpg  photo 8de6d078-7dbf-4395-83d9-f69e0ddc920f_zps1431031b.jpg  photo DSCN1807_zps3d5a4e0f.jpg  photo 26e6f1d5-dae8-4e87-b225-8e0f2f9d1c44_zps0b9f5152.jpg  photo 7cda6330-d3e6-4926-aff5-527d51cb7db5_zps1a3d25c6.jpg

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