Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Graphing Paper

 photo DSCN1793_zpsa8f24fbe.jpg
Button-up: Target [$5]
Pencil Skirt: H&M [$7]
Tights: sample sale [$2]
Boots: Target via Salvation Army [$5]
Sunglasses: Armani [a gift from mi madre]

I love the look of pencil skirts, but constantly readjusting and tugging at the hem is exasperating. The shirt is great though, because it's reminiscient of graph paper, and I'm always tempted to draw econ charts on it at school. Or was tempted when I still took econ, ha! I'm pretty sure my professor has one just like it too, go figure! Have a great night, I'm off to babysit for the evening! 
 photo DSCN1790_zps13f38464.jpg  photo c7b74417-c613-4ca6-9a3a-f1225793f5fd_zps5b6ec673.jpg  photo DSCN1796_zps490ec4fd.jpg  photo 0e991833-1f23-4280-b9ad-28a143ea5782_zps84bf2710.jpg

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