Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Face

 photo ce8e37df-7d34-485b-b7f7-e381e04c7772_zpsaa35d311.jpg
Jacket: BB Dakota [a gift]
Zip-up Sweater: H&M [$10]
Pants: H&M [$7]
Shoes: Sketchers [$20]

As you can see, I'm ecstatic. Actually, this was a few days ago, when spring break was on the horizon and I was one midterm away from freedom. But it's not HERE! Hallelujah! And what better way to ring in the week with watching Zoolander in pajamas? Oh yeahh. photo 53c77c4a-cef8-4593-a64a-dc13eaa90ba5_zps97295cb3.jpg  photo f13bb697-4271-40ff-93b7-869082964af5_zpscd5c0cdd.jpg  photo c09d392d-a97c-42c7-8afb-ac43e1fb54e0_zpsa2b79715.jpg

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