Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Be In Boston, Pt. 2

 photo DSCN0740_zps340640b5.jpg
Another Boston post! We walked the other side of the Freedom Trail and hit up the Bunker Hill Monument and the U.S.S. Constitution. The Bunker Hill area is absolutely beautiful. There aren't any brick homes in California, and seeing the buildings here makes me want to stay on the East Cost for more than just school. But then I think about the beach and cheap tacos and boba and I change my mind. But Boston is a charming city, and if you're a history buff and own a comfy pair of shoes, then go forth and conquer!  photo DSCN0746_zpseb570b9b.jpg  photo DSCN0750_zpsabc41ba2.jpg  photo d6d3a33d-d118-4602-bcd4-bde90f509dae_zpsb867da90.jpg  photo 7ba23bcf-efee-4707-a1ec-2518aa7dccc3_zps67282553.jpg
Me: Dress [Urban Outfitters, $7], Shirt [Club Monaco via Salvation Army, $3], Boots [Costco]
Daisy: Sweater [Old Navy], Jeans [Urban Outfitters], Boots [Costco]

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