Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Just an Illusion

 photo 0da05576-d279-4637-b4f4-1f8913aeefb7_zpsfefa4ff8.jpg
Dress: H&M [$7]
Blazer: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Heels: Ross [$13]
Tights: sample sale [$2]
Necklace: F21 [$6]

Whoops, a very much repeated outfit! I realized though and threw on this nifty blazer and broke out the heels because a. I wouldn't wear them any other time and b. because I thought I could shake it up a bit! I know, I live life on the edge. I secured this blazer from UO years ago and thought it was awesome, but because of the shoulder pads and their stigma in public high school, I was always too self-conscious to wear it. I'd center an outfit around it, and then throw it off at the last moment and settle for a tried and true cardigan. I'm weak. But New York is great because the sartorial culture is much more professional and forgiving on more eccentric ensembles. Or, at least I think it is! Time to study for midterms and read finish The Aeneid! Greek tragedies are something else, I tell you. photo a11e74a8-4e40-4a1c-9052-08482d21d993_zps58c4d408.jpg  photo c8e4821d-6251-478a-a30c-c08b0a9bc0c1_zpsfd57edca.jpg  photo f82cfda7-9a07-4f4f-acba-d63e5e83ef61_zps6bddba62.jpg  photo 7a04c8ac-0e4f-4c71-8fa0-709328700dc8_zps397378d8.jpg

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