Friday, March 22, 2013

We Be In Boston

 photo DSCN0564_zps0ec8e383.jpg
Not the most flattering of pictures but too late. Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been terrible this past week. But I have a surprise today...*cue drum rolls*...MY FAMILY! *Cue Rocky-esque champion music* Well, part of my family anyhow. My mom and Daisy, the little sister, came over to Boston and I hopped on a bus and booked it over to see them! We spent the day roaming the streets,jumping on and off the Freedom Trail, and finding refuge from the cold in any and all Starbucks'. It's quite the random assortment of photos that doesn't nearly give Boston or the day much justice, but it's a little something! Plus, my mommy and the Dais make me happy. Tomorrow we're scheduled to head to Plymouth to explore, so more pictures shall come your way in due time. For now, enjoy the smattering of my day! photo f310c1e2-a897-4dd3-ba3c-c5b23d51659f_zps8f96a779.jpg  photo DSCN0512_zpsf26d9ff3.jpg  photo DSCN0553_zpseb4c8c2b.jpg  photo 6abd789b-7f6c-4fd9-9920-308f8bfd4b41_zps4b97c4bf.jpg  photo DSCN0609_zps4818fb50.jpg  photo DSCN0623_zps27076ab6.jpg  photo DSCN0647_zpse4c0f929.jpg  photo DSCN0618_zps4fa82956.jpg
Photos by Dais or my mom!

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