Friday, March 29, 2013


 photo DSCN2986_zpscad5de1f.jpg
Shirt: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Pants: Uniqlo [$10]
Boots: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Necklace: Urban Outfitters [$2.50]

I have terrible posture. One must work on standing up straight. I look awkward and uncomfortable in this post (that is, moreso than usual) because someone else was on the roof and I wanted to appear as unassuming as possible. So obviously some chin-scratching and hands-on-hips poses commenced. Whoops. But on another note, by hair is growing out! Progress! photo f2a96f29-f6d6-42f4-9c49-e0e22b76731c_zps0337e204.jpg  photo ba8f5fbe-5b04-4bec-8d66-ed7e00d7732e_zps7186e227.jpg  photo DSCN2992_zps62fa960e.jpg  photo 0a223957-ad3c-47a2-a459-a5d0acfa4d34_zpsb9b65f87.jpg

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