Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Kid Coat

 photo f8b1fdbb-b17d-4b7c-907f-08b872506abe_zpsd4040af8.jpg
Raincoat: Burlington Coat Factory [a hand-me-down/gift from Mary]
Shirt: Old Navy [$3]
Skirt: Urban Outfitters [$17]
Boots: Old Navy [$13]

Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures! I've been lagging on updating the god 'ol blog and accidentally deleted the rest of these photos, so theses were the only two to choose from! Hence, the lovely expression in the next picture. Mary's old raincoat make me feel like a little kid, especially in New York  where it's black coats and pants and gloves every which way. But I like me some color, and I don't believe that's gonna change any time soon. 
 photo 55ed510a-6c1f-4006-92ae-c38a6569ea4d_zps956b3c83.jpg

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