Saturday, June 14, 2014

Old Lady Threads

Romper: thrifted? [hand-me-down from Khue]
Belt: Target [67 cents]
Sandals: H&M [$17]

Nothing like a old school romper to get the party started! My wardrobe has grown exponentially this year, but it's not because I've been shopping more...well not mostly anyway. People always ask where I get my clothes and are always surprised when half the time I tell them that most of what I wear are hand-me-downs. Hand-me-downs are the absolute best. Other than free clothes, there's something nice in wearing something and remembering who gave it to me and at what time. It's sentimental, but I'll take it!

IMG_3516 IMG_3528 IMG_3518 IMG_3517 IMG_3524
Photos by Daisy

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