Friday, November 15, 2013


 photo 7e5ad381-7d3c-41ee-aa13-25e4da542034_zps4dc91583.jpg
After the last photoshoot, Elise wanted to try some indoor photos. I got to feel pensive and fancy for a few minutes, so that was fun. Honestly though, I'm so used to smiling I don't know what to do with my face to look serious. So if you can sense my awkwardness emanating from the pictures, I apologize. I hope you enjoy Elise's handiwork! Have a lovely day!
 photo IMG_4050_zps8103b098.jpg  photo IMG_4065_zps5cd9ba86.jpg  photo IMG_4064_zps19856fb5.jpg  photo 07a9e101-b2ba-46f4-ada4-ae1be002c62d_zps64a1d323.jpg  photo IMG_4053_zps63c7dfc1.jpg  photo 5208cd7e-957c-4524-8821-2dd8f8f89b1c_zpsae966a29.jpg  photo IMG_4051_zpsea0163e8.jpg

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