Monday, November 18, 2013

Tights Sample Sale in NYC

It's back! Joyous day! I'm sorry for all of you who don't live in New York; just disregard this message. But for those who do, this is your place to go to get the best hosiery in the city. For an amazing price too. After you buy 3 packs of tights for $10, it's hard to go back. Wool, cashmere, patterns, colors, knee-highs, you name it. 

P.S. Look for the box in the back with all the "loose tights." $1 goodness is just at your fingertips. 
P.P.S. If you can, go to the male cashier. He's way nicer than the girl one. 

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  1. Aimee -- I am SO glad you posted about this! I'm now set for tights for the next, like, 5 years! This is a great post for all of those thrifts shoppers (ahem, college students) here in the city - both because of the prices and because of the man who rings you up and randomly shouts "FREE" as he stuffs tights in your bag. I now how some lovely free socks because of that. Thanks for sharing!