Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Ago

 photo IMG_3716_zps3942dd4d.jpg
Blouse: Old Navy [$5]
Skirt: H&M [$5]
Shoes: Old Navy via Savers [$6ish]

After much ado, here are some photos in New York! I no longer live in Brooklyn, but the Financial District is just one stop away on the train and I go to Brooklyn so often it doesn't really seem like I ever left. Teeeeechnically the roof of my building is closed during construction, but if the door is always open whenever I get there, it's an open invitation, right? Anyhow, these photos were from when it was warmer and I was still reasonably tan. And still made attempts to dress in business casual. I hope you like them! Special thanks to my roommate/photographer Elise who gets to deals with my photo pleas now.  photo IMG_3708_zps0e5d0493.jpg  photo 018205ed-24a4-46d3-8cb5-4c4c77d70d48_zpsf580184a.jpg  photo IMG_3724_zpscbf817af.jpg  photo IMG_3723_zps39e70978.jpg  photo 38fb5a3e-b204-4b5c-b356-b9f5c9cc0001_zps2d7a6a26.jpg  photo 94a343a6-9b71-4037-83bc-47ca71b50318_zps45049bed.jpg
Photos by Elise Inman

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