Thursday, January 31, 2013

Faking Spring

 photo DSCN1324_zpse074d86b.jpg
Pants: H&M [$7]
Shirt: Banana Republic via Goodwill [maybe 65 cents? We'll round up, let's say 75 cents]
Camisole: F21 [$3]
Shoes: Sketchers [$20]
Earrings: F21 [$1.50]
Total Cost: $32.25

It wasn't exactly the most Spring-like of days, but I'll take this sunshine to mean that pastel-y pants are in order. I picked these guys up from H&M when I should have been Christmas shopping but instead found some things for myself...oops. But they actually fit well and they have pockets for snacks, which amps up the potential for any garment.

These sneakers are my secret weapons and I love grinning mischievously when people ask where they're from. SKETCHERS! And then they're flabbergasted as I demonstrate how awesome they are by standing on my heels, which I probably shouldn't do because apparently that's a no-no in shoe etiquette, but I love it anyway. And because they're Sketchers, they're ultra comfy. I walked around all dat and lugged suitcases of fabric and garments and my feet were completely unharmed. Yay Sketchers!

I'm sorry about the picture quality and everything once more. I'm trying to resolve this issue without having to pay for a prime Flickr account, but I haven't found anything I've liked so far, so alas! I may just cast aside my frugality for the sake of ze blog and splurge. We'll see! photo DSCN1326_zps1fba3e1a.jpg  photo DSCN1327_zpsa310b24d.jpg  photo DSCN1329_zpsdbd07f28.jpg  photo DSCN1325_zpsdda81bb8.jpg  photo DSCN1333_zps2c6a0b9d.jpg  photo DSCN1331_zps81ef769a.jpg  photo DSCN1338_zps1dc8fbd4.jpg
Photos by Mary Pham

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