Friday, July 5, 2013

Snow White

 photo DSCN4408_zps7a44c503.jpg
Dress: Dolce Vida [$10]
Shirt: Target [$6]
Sneakers: Vans [an old Christmas gift]
Watch: Timex [a Christmas gift]
Necklace: a turtle whistle I stole from Daisy

For some reason, I've been into big billowy silhouettes that hint at the slightest bit of form in them. And white too, because wearing white makes me look tanner and I'm forever in a constant battle with my sisters on who is darkest. So far, I've lost every bout. I've got a good feeling about this summer though.

I hope you all had a lovely Independence Day! I spent mine eating Vietnamese food in the morning, at Ken's grandma's in the afternoon, and fighting Huntington Beach traffic in the evening. And although I get some road rage towards the end, the fireworks get me every time.  photo DSCN4413_zpsa8b931d5.jpg  photo DSCN4412_zpsfdbfae78.jpg  photo DSCN4417_zpscb2717a4.jpg  photo DSCN4423_zpsa4836e9a.jpg  photo DSCN4430_zps1030e903.jpg  photo DSCN4427_zps9a0a604e.jpg
Pictures taken by Ken

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