Sunday, July 28, 2013


 photo DSCN1823_zps6ace7424.jpg
Tank: Urban Outfitters [a Christmas gift from Jessica]
Shorts: Old Navy [$5]
Sneakers: FILA [from my mom from Costco]

I am neither sporty nor greatly athletic, but exercise is a-okay in my book for the most part. I never had the money, patience, or motivation to go to a gym, so that option was vetoed long ago. But you can easily get me to go hiking, throw a frisbee or football around, or bike for miles. Well, there may have to be a cold beverage as incentive, but still. And while my normal workout attire tends to revolve around old high school club t-shirts that have been properly cut apart and laundered to submission, I couldn't resist the gray and coral combo happenings. Forgive my expression in the last photos, I somehow always manage to look crazed in every captured aerial movement. photo 6c23a732-7e40-40a3-baea-d60fe819420f_zps040858f8.jpg  photo DSCN1791_zps3e5ab361.jpg  photo DSCN1822_zps9b2c3813.jpg  photo 5be1cac3-5a39-4526-a36a-ebb90f9cb0ee_zps17579d21.jpg  photo DSCN1794_zps76eda296.jpg
These photos were capture by Daisy

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