Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Palos Verde

 photo DSCN1943_zps0a472369.jpg
Shirt: Target [$6]
Shorts: Old Navy [$12]
Sneaks: old Vans

The other week my family and Ken drove took a day trip around LA. After marveling at the Space Shuttle Endeavour, shoveling down all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ as fast as possible, and taking inside streets because traffic was horrendous, we stopped by Palos Verde. And man oh man was it worth it. Palos Verde is one of those places that I've always heard mentioned, nodded my head in recognition, and then went along on my merry 'ol way with thoughts of visiting some time but never actually summoning up the gusto to do so. It reminded me so much of driving down PCH last summer from San Francisco and marveling at how beautiful the world was how blessed I am to live in California. New York is home for now, but California will always be home base. 

On another note: Happy Birthday to my older sister Mary who turns 21 today! Granted she's currently beside the Black Sea and in transit to Moldova where she may or may not have an internet connection, but still!  photo DSCN1942_zps6334de21.jpg  photo DSCN1936_zps0ae1e1bd.jpg  photo 1bc8edbb-3728-4791-9b61-aeada52aacaa_zpsc2b9b7a8.jpg  photo 7b61b4bc-66a6-40e1-9ba4-63b6a53c3bee_zps2c069917.jpg  photo 8470af5c-90e9-4314-aa3e-9add4b8c8904_zps30fe943d.jpg  photo afc6fd3a-6837-41d1-bbea-6c16db7a51ee_zpse571b6a2.jpg
Photos mostly by Daisy. I think. 

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  1. I'd love to buy these Vans sneakers from you. Can you email me?