Thursday, July 25, 2013


 photo bc1206cd-6a58-4837-8980-98ff310e0f08_zps687f8df9.jpg
Dress: some unbeknownst brand [clothing exchange]
Belt: thrift shop [25 cents]
Sneaks: old Vans

I've probably worn this dress a dozen times already this summer, but this is the first time it's been up on this here blog. Sometimes it's just nice to have hundreds of little creatures printed onto garments. Unbelted, this dress is quite trapeze-like, but it's so much fun to wear regardless. It's one of those pieces I probably should save just for summer, but I'll end up donning it with doubled-up tights and a down jacket come winter.  photo 778c8dbf-5b57-40c8-920a-4078d1f9862a_zps2ea53b50.jpg  photo 7037649f-bcba-4bbc-8293-d27fcaa77a9d_zps724971c5.jpg  photo DSCN1782_zpsabe221a1.jpg  photo 0f707be4-5334-4bb4-9c17-0605bc94a46c_zps0af67d83.jpg  photo d70810f0-b699-4be4-a914-c5e3e4e02119_zpscf347050.jpg
Photos by the Dais

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  1. WOW!! Always love dresses and cute sneakers!! LOVE the look ;-)