Monday, July 22, 2013

Red, Blue, Gold

 photo DSCN1732_zpsb0389bf5.jpg
Shirt: Michael Michael Kors [a hand-me-down]
Pants: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Shoes: Target [borrowed from Daisy]

Sometimes, it's just good to wear a lot of sparkly things at one time. Especially on days when free Slurpees were being given out. I scored this shirt from my friend who interned at Michael Kors and got a bunch of free clothes at the end of it. The shirt is unbelievably soft and although the color is geared more towards fall and winter, I couldn't help but break it out for the summer.  photo 7a364b61-dee6-4936-ac34-b625f905a85f_zpsc317a617.jpg  photo 957d0192-91bf-43d4-87e9-d11626b4677f_zpsa702ca8f.jpg  photo DSCN1736_zpsfb9b1ade.jpg  photo DSCN1741_zps8bcfc7fa.jpg  photo DSCN1738_zpsdd921f32.jpg
Photos by Dais

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