Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

 photo DSCN4479_zpsb2470668.jpg
Sweater: F21 [$4]
Jeans: Target [$7]
Sneaks: Urban Outfitters [a gift]

Sorry for the blurred and dark photos, I hate flash but still wanted to take pictures. I got these kicks from Kathy last summer with the intention of wearing it more than once but I've failed miserably on that mission. Although I love sneakers, I've come to realize that only those of the white variety will ever land into my wardrobe. Simply, well, because I like white shoes. A lot. But these babies are fun to break out of hibernation every once in awhile.  photo DSCN4471_zps4889c59e.jpg  photo DSCN4472_zps3cc3a67e.jpg  photo DSCN4485_zps4ca8f9fe.jpg  photo b9c77fba-3f6b-4f50-a671-ccdcb13b8298_zps4b4b3b87.jpg  photo 602ec1c0-7602-4dba-8693-489549ba5ce3_zps4b956f62.jpg
Photos taken by Mary Pham who left last week to travel the world and do good wherever she goes and I'll miss her a lot but love her and the brave, loving, and courageous person she is. Yes!

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