Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sheer Thing

 photo DSCN3899_zpsfb33572c.jpg
Blouse: Foreign Exchange [clothing exchange]
Jeans: GAP [clothing exchange]
Cami bra: F21 [$5]
Flats: F21 [$15]

I've gotten so much use out of this cami-bra. I'm all for layering but undershirts can just be annoying sometimes, and in the summer, even thinking about adding another shirt on seems absurd. So cue the trumpets for this sports bra/half camisole thing! I wear it with everything. Everything. And for five bucks and pop with a multitude of colors, there's really nothing to lose. I also got these flats from F21 my first summer in New York. As evidenced by the worn toes, flapping soles, and duct taped bottom, they've led a pretty full life. But alas! I had to throw them out during the move. So now I'm on the hunt for a new pair of leopard flats to wear to shreds once more. Let the search commence! photo bd0eae64-f101-4552-92eb-4f74b3e840db_zps9a82b3d6.jpg  photo 1be3277f-191f-43b6-af19-d94ea41f9e69_zps7c841f15.jpg  photo DSCN3912_zpsaeca9034.jpg  photo f939249a-114c-45a3-9996-14940989df6d_zps7a610d84.jpg  photo 6ebdefe7-0f70-4ba5-b682-9139f046a0a1_zps848cbb77.jpg

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