Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Olive Attire

 photo DSCN3946_zpsa87b2eca.jpg
Dress: Uniqlo [$10]
Sneakers: Vans [a Christmas present from olden times]
Belt: thrift store [25 cents]
Glitter nail polish: Urban Outfitters [50 cents]

Welcome to California! Orange County, to be more exact. Hopefully when the boy is done with school we can take more exciting photos, but for now, we'll stick to the proximity of my humble abode with my little sister manning the camera. 

I bought this dress with my baby sister at the Uniqlo store on 5th Ave, right before we left NY. Man oh man, that place. That place is nuts. It's a monster store, the flagship of New York, and it's like this maze of a palace, with pristine and colorful garments all lined up and waiting to be rifled through. It's both terrifying and surreal, and of course, I made a beeline towards any sign with SALE emblazoned a'top.  This T-shirt maxi dress is just about the easiest thing to wear and I've had to regulate its wearing to only once a week. This sneaker on the other hand, have been my constant companion over the years. A nice pair of classic white sneakers can't go wrong and are the perfect complement to any summer outfit.  photo DSCN3969_zps5033bb31.jpg  photo c50196d8-2d7e-48d6-b625-3b467898fa8e_zps21317df5.jpg  photo 55673c8c-ceb8-4985-ab17-2907b85bf78d_zps51a793e0.jpg  photo DSCN3971_zpsaab68c4c.jpg
Pictures by Daisy Pham

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