Friday, May 3, 2013


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Dress: hand me down [a gift]
Zip-up hoodie: Uniqlo [$10]
Jacket: Target [a gift]
Boots: Costco [a gift]
Sunnies: F21 [$4]
Backpack: High Sierra via Costco [a gift]

On a typical day, I lug my backpack around everywhere I go. I remember when everyone used to bring cute bags to class in high school and I just stared (while heaving my trusty Jansport over my shoulder) and wondered how they could fit all their books into such dainty satchels. Fast forward a few years and alas! I'm still the same way. I feel bad for hitting people on the subway with the colossus that is on my back, but I figure I'm a student so maybe they'll be a little more forgiving. Hopefully. So basically this just tells you that I'm just about the furthest things away from coolness. Oh well, what else is new! Have a lovely weekend y'all. ONE WEEK TIL MY FAMILY IS HERE!
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