Monday, May 19, 2014

Welcome Back, Stranger!

Man oh man, I'm sorry it's been such a long time.

The truth is, I kind of forgot I had this here blog. This past semester was insanely busy with a bunch of different commitments, but since my last post, I'm GRADUATED! Cue the doves and fireworks! Actually I feel pretty much exactly the same but it's nice to think about being done regardless. After three years of hard work I decided to reward myself with a restful summer before diving full force into the workman's world. Although admittedly, I'm already getting a little bored.

Anyhow, these are photos from winter break that I had yet to post (so sorry!), so in this one massive post of three different outfits, I'll try to compensate a bit. Onwards!

Photoset 1: I Wore Mary's Clothes

Sweater: Urban Outfitters [borrowed from Mary]
Short: Old Navy [from many moons ago]
Tights: tights sample sale [$1]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]


Photoset 2: Se7ven Leaves

Dress: from Kelly via clothing exchange
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters [$15...when I didn't use to be so frugal in high school]
Tights: $1 [tights sample sale]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]

As you can see, I drink a ton of boba when I'm home. This dress is the prettiest and airiest thing ever and a tremendously fun thing to wear. The beading at the collar is actually part of the dress and not a necklace. Kelly does good with her dresses! And man oh man am I thankful that we're the same size. Whenever I want to wear a dress but need to cover up its sleeveless-ness, I like to layer something under or over yet still accentuate my waist somehow. In this case, I wore a normal cardigan and twisted and knotted the thing in the back to make some sort of wrap. High fives all around for versatility!

Photoset 3: Haircuts, Denim, and Chiffon

Shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT [from Elise]
Skirt: F21 [$6]
Shoes: Pro-Keds from Costco [from my mom]

A quick outfit that I threw together that seemed to make sense at the time is slightly more questionable in retrospect. Ah well! I go through phases of wearing certain pieces almost every day and this shirt was one of those. Oh man, I love this shirt. Surplice cut (which means that one side crosses the other), polka dots, and soft polyester goodness--all such good things.

Also, isn't Daisy's haircut the cutest? I think so too.

IMG_2828 IMG_2827 IMG_2837 IMG_2833 IMG_2850

Whoohoo, you made it! I congratulate you and bestow unto you a virtual gold star. All photos were taken by Daisy unless they feature her. Then I took those. That's all for now folks!

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