Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getty Villa

 photo IMG_2581_zps5ac0d117.jpg
Shirt: Target [$5]
Jeans: Gap [clothing exchange]
Headband: F21 [50 cents]
Sandals: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Camera bag: a gift

Going to the Getty Villa on PCH was one of my favorite moments during Christmas break. Sun, family, and beautiful spaces. Sometimes, it's the simple times that are best. 
 photo 8683f07e-0f66-4e55-91e6-8a8ded288ce7_zps98a1640a.jpg  photo IMG_2605_zpsd83c9a1d.jpg  photo IMG_2604_zps29c2f2a2.jpg  photo IMG_2580_zps843a65bd.jpg  photo IMG_2584_zps7af5d520.jpg  photo IMG_2598_zpsa51b9484.jpg  photo IMG_2532_zps8e7c5601.jpg  photo IMG_2547_zps8c6ce87a.jpg  photo IMG_2540_zpsc162d9ab.jpg  photo IMG_2542_zps8ab56e38.jpg  photo IMG_2561_zps914c5ca0.jpg
Photos by Daisy and I

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  1. Aimee! Please keep posting! I literally check everyday for new pictures!