Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Colors

 photo IMG_5941_zps904eadc0.jpg
Sweater: F21 [$6]
Skirt: H&M [a hand-me-down from Jo]
Tights: $1 [tights sample sale]
Knee-hi socks: from Elise
Boots: Costco [a gift from my mom]

Christmas colors in the city! The best thing about December in New York is the abundance of Christmas decorations everywhere. So what better way to celebrate than to embrace the holiday spirit and walk around in red and green myself? To not make the outfit look costume-y or elf-like, I paired darker red and green hues together and completed the look with black tights and boots--the ultimate combo. 

Elise and I traversed the pedestrian bridge the other week and entered into the community garden across the way. Unfortunately everything was dead or dying a slow and frozen death, but it was still fun to be in the midst of some greenery. Of course the highway was also 100 feet away, but that's a minor detail! 

I'll be back in California by tomorrow night and I can already feel the warmth and rest that is imminent. But until now, it's still late nights studying at the library with too much coffee and not enough real food. Enjoy the photos!
 photo IMG_5937_zps574929fa.jpg  photo 743689d6-452b-40f6-b88e-b7eeb85cdad9_zps50b59165.jpg  photo IMG_5964_zpsbca7708b.jpg  photo IMG_5973_zps7203dead.jpg  photo IMG_5972_zpse19ab4be.jpg  photo IMG_5968_zps554280b4.jpg  photo IMG_5953_zpsf315a7e0.jpg  photo IMG_5959_zpsd3be9ddb.jpg
The photography is beautiful thanks to Elise Inman. 

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