Friday, December 27, 2013


 photo IMG_2120_zps130b0cf2.jpg
Shirt: Gap [$5]
Pants: Calvin Klein at Costco [from my mama]
Sneakers: Pro-Keds at Costco [also from my mama]
Headband: F21 [50 cents]
Nail polish: Assortment of hues from Urban Outfitters, all borrowed from Dais [50 cents]

Oh sweet sweet California. The warm weather has been a God-send; I've loved every second of it. These pictures were taken three days ago and the temperature was a balmy 80 degrees. Beautiful. 

It is to be admitted that the majority of this here outfit was acquired from the bountiful land known as Costco. Thanks especially to my mom. It is also to be admitted that these pants are definitely leggings, but let me tell you right now that they were one of the best decisions ever.

Coming home has been really different this year. Yet regardless of changes, California will always be my happy place. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with people and laughter and sugar-rushed children! My new baby cousin was born this afternoon and a celebration is in order! Have a great great day. photo 51442339-85df-4ccf-8f63-0190cf721292_zps1a89217c.jpg  photo IMG_2113_zps87386b72.jpg  photo 64c3b661-6d35-426e-9414-0c147faeb1b0_zps754af41e.jpg  photo IMG_2107_zpsab345c89.jpg  photo b060e554-c1e7-4b6c-b3cf-3e61c2adc1ea_zpsf212487a.jpg  photo 3f965752-22a5-43e7-9261-ca11d4572f8a_zps55d5bab9.jpg  photo deeb59b3-0d88-4ed6-af98-9ef6d78244cd_zps3f4338de.jpg  photo IMG_2127_zps3e35b181.jpg  photo IMG_2144_zps85b456ca.jpg  photo IMG_2136_zps07340084.jpg  photo IMG_2138_zps61075d0c.jpg  photo 9160993a-7967-4b0c-8871-30d574342c3d_zpsf4ad500e.jpg  photo d95d618e-09a0-466c-a5cd-702c7c98e27e_zps3ab58c60.jpg  photo 30b4d280-c77a-4c93-ae87-7bcf27efa435_zps713144d5.jpg
Photos are by the little sister

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