Monday, December 2, 2013

"OMG, your shoes"

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I followed Daisy into Zara with a scowl. Tired, hungry, and assuming that no small purchase could be made, I dragged my feet against the polished concrete and past the beautiful clothes. But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? I saw these bad boys in the hands of another shopper and stared. The thousand-dollar Chloe originals would never be mine, but I'm all for a Zara semi-original. Lurking behind racks and pretending to be interested in a pair of blue boots, I stalked her as she walked over to a mirror and tried them on. She shook her head, took them off, and walked five steps before I scurried over and snatched them up. Oh sweet day! Not only were they the perfect size 8; they were $20. Last pair in the store. I tried them on, did a little jig, made Dais green with envy, and proudly marched up to the register to claim my prize.

Sorry, I felt like these boots deserved a little story. Although variations of the boots have been ubiquitous throughout the blogosphere (or whatever folks call it), I still think they're awesome. I usually pair them with black jeans and a black top if I want to make them the focus or something colorful...because why not? 

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