Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twenty Fourteen

 photo 43f94372-6327-4b83-b696-85a3b4c8dac1_zps11c6a327.jpg
Dress: Banana Republic [last year's clothing exchange]
Golden tights: tights sample sale [$1]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]
Headband: Urban Outfitters [$2.50]


Happy New Year, folks! Outfit first. This tunic/dress is probably one of the comfiest and softest garments in my arsenal. Thanks to my friend who is the same size as me and always feels the need to purge her closet (thank you Kelly!), some of my most-worn articles of clothing are from her. I wore this on Christmas Eve and added the headband and golden tights to glam it up a bit. I returned to the tights sample sale twice in order to find a loose pair of these bad boys and definitely did a happy dance when my efforts were triumphant. Oh, and these photos were taken up at a lighthouse in San Diego. More scenic pictures to follow! Probably.

Because it's a new year and reflection is usually called for, I shall summarize. 2013 was a trip. It was a roller coaster of events and emotions, from the happiest of times to the downright dismal. Honestly, it's probably the most trying year that I've experienced, both spiritually and emotionally. Especially these last couple months and most specifically these last two weeks, even now. A long relationship is no more, Mary's been away traveling the world, and there's been a lot of sickness in the family. But despite it all, I'm so so incredibly thankful and feel blessed for getting to experience life and growing up and all that adult stuff.  2014 will likely be a doozy and it's already starting up that way, but thank God for new beginnings. Cool, that's enough from me. Have a wonderful new year, friends! 

Over and out.

 photo IMG_2259_zpsa05439d5.jpg  photo 52c20d1d-1f4c-4902-ab75-a3b8a0ab72a6_zpsff729478.jpg  photo IMG_2262_zpsb29a1a1b.jpg  photo IMG_2276_zps0a4f725f.jpg  photo IMG_2278_zps51d5787c.jpg  photo IMG_2273_zpsf7d2ce7b.jpg  photo IMG_2275_zpsc6940258.jpg  photo IMG_2274_zpseb746d1c.jpg  photo IMG_2267_zps3d0ab412.jpg
Photos by the faithful little sister, Daisy