Friday, June 21, 2013

Little Wolves

 photo DSCN4232_zps9af58865.jpg
Dress: Buffalo Exchange [borrowed from Daisy]
Sandals: Urban Outfitters [$10]

Sorry for the lack of smiles. It was hot and sunshiney and I felt sluggish and squinty. But I borrowed Dais's dress for church and it was a fun one! Even if I'm not a fan of felines because they make my features swell up to cartoonish proportions, it's hard to pass up on a good 'ol wolf dress. Especially one that's already hanging in my sister's closet. 
 photo efb734d5-4f0e-47e3-b7dc-c2511983b7ad_zps286dc2bd.jpg  photo DSCN4236_zps791e53ac.jpg  photo 0f2b9790-8926-4726-8dea-b2d41af9173f_zps81fb1891.jpg  photo DSCN4235_zps22ffa8a0.jpg  photo DSCN4242_zps72594d62.jpg

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