Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Go to Beach Beach

There are the quintessential California beaches with tan-skinned folks everywhere, surfboards dotting the waves, and piers with all kinds of goods. Huntington Beach is fun to see and be seen, Laguna and Newport Beach are lovely, Corona del Mar is the beach where I spent most of my childhood, but my current favorite has been Crystal Cove. Nestled between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach, it's easy to pass while coasting PCH. But man oh man, this place is beautiful. The masses of seaweed make it harder to swim, but because of all of it, you're much more likely to spot seals and dolphins. We came at sunset to take in the view and throw a frisbee around. More pictures to come on the morrow! photo eaab5db7-443f-4bc0-b4a4-680ede699135_zpsbea50bcd.jpg  photo 19f35679-1ab6-410b-9087-bf753899cac1_zps27443ca5.jpg  photo 43b60d10-b150-4685-96a7-206e881752ed_zps08bb3f8a.jpg  photo 7f378a20-4f90-42d3-8301-8818c3b4e97c_zps962d9dda.jpg  photo DSCN4299_zps53a14c09.jpg  photo DSCN4293_zpsa6472cb3.jpg  photo 3569012b-598d-481e-aa72-311159f53607_zps50ce22b1.jpg
Photos by Ken and I

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