Monday, June 24, 2013

Blue x Blue x Blue

 photo DSCN4262_zps209ecefc.jpg
Outer dress: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Inner dress: Urban Outfitters [$5]
Sandals: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Shades: Armani Exchange [a Christmas gift]
Ring: borrowed from Mary

I wore this getup to my cousin's high school graduation. The first time I wore this combination, it was an accident. For the longest time, I was trying to figure out how to wear the outer dress because it's beautiful but as substantial as kleenex. And then the inner dress with its basketball jersey-likeness was accidentally shrunken in the dryer, and my blue dress dreams came crashing to a halt. But then lo and behold, I layered the two together one days for kicks, and voila! A new ensemble of blueness was born. The shoes were worn simply because I have two sandal options to choose from and had to go with something, and the ring was added to try and make the shoes more cohesive with the rest of the outfit. I don't know if it was a success or not, but the whole getting-re-tanned-during-summer thing is definitely working out!
 photo d95bff17-da6b-40a1-a8dd-4a9fd1c8c133_zps69b2bf20.jpg  photo DSCN4247_zps4a9de813.jpg  photo DSCN4258_zps5bb8b275.jpg  photo DSCN4253_zps4a221330.jpg  photo 605c50c7-93e8-4e22-92db-23842ad673b9_zpsaf515c56.jpg  photo 3123b6d6-ee07-4706-ac48-7a66227ea656_zps2b9e7f57.jpg  photo ba95b15b-2bd9-459f-b745-5734edc05e32_zpsed2f5ec9.jpg
Photos by Mary Phammmmmmmmmm

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