Monday, April 1, 2013

Souvenir Shop

 photo DSCN3010_zps2ca5397c.jpg
Boston sweater: gift store in Boston [$11]
Pants: Target [$7]
Flats: Urban Outfitters [$10]
Earrings: H&M [$1.50]

Comfy to the max, yo. I love me some souvenir sweatshirts and have an arsenal of cities all folded up and ready to be worn far away from their original homes. I always like dressing up sweatshirts, especially crew necks, with blouses or earrings or sparkly or green pants or all of the above. Well, the shoes were sparkly once upon a time, and then they arrived to New York City and were destroyed. I love me some glittery feet though, so new sparkly flats will be in the agenda for the summer! I hope you all have a glorious Easter! School's over in 5 weeks, let's do this thing. photo 3cc138e2-085b-4a4b-b7e9-d678f128cc0d_zps6958de8c.jpg  photo 6a6526d7-555e-4287-9ca1-b1316cfedc5e_zps85791708.jpg

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