Friday, April 19, 2013

Denim to the Second Power

 photo DSCN3187_zpsc66eee34.jpg
Button-up: Target [$5]
Jeans: Gap [clothing exchange]
Boots: Kohls [$5]
Shades: F21 [$4]

Denim weekends are the best. I'm not the biggest jean person because they're not as comfortable to sit cross-legged in, but these pants in their worn-in goodness, are slowly changing my mind. They passed the Sunday School test of comfortability and ease of access with flying colors, and may now be a Sunday staple. I've had these boots since senior year of high school, and they're currently at the stage of softness that is most comparable to slipper-socks. Except now even the soles are falling off, but I won't give them up! Never! I have a hard time letting go of shoes I love. Ask me about my striped Keds if you want further proof. Or my gold flats. Man oh man, those were some good shoes. Okay, time to get ready for a night of dancing and impending weekend of recluse! Have a great weekend! photo 4b109017-a159-466e-81e6-d49a717556f5_zps8ec9e85e.jpg  photo 83dd35a8-ba24-47d4-b9a6-3c5dc1e83dd3_zps14d08c7e.jpg  photo DSCN3193_zpsb8c226ed.jpg

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