Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's a Sunshine Day

 photo DSCN3111_zps66625c5a.jpg
Blouse: uhh, some kid of brand [via clothing exchange]
Jeans: Urban Outfitters [via clothing exchange]
Boots: Piperlime [$40]

I realize now that I should have tucked in my shirt or done something to make this less frumpy, but oh well. The weather was beautiful earlier this week. GLORIOUS! I sat on the roof for a couple hours and just soaked in the sun. Summer is so so close. But anyhow, we had a clothing exchange at Clark St. and swapped out some old clothes for new digs. I've never participated in a clothing exchange before, but it was fantastic. More closet space, free clothes, then less closet space-a vicious cycle I'm willing to participate in! Enjoy the weekend! photo DSCN3118_zps2fd30dc7.jpg  photo DSCN3116_zpsb721a1a9.jpg  photo DSCN3123_zps14c98d1f.jpg  photo 75522b6d-a8c7-49e9-8b9a-557ec5f57472_zps37e91f3a.jpg

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